So, I HAVE had a few real cool little things happen in regards...

So, I HAVE had a few real cool little things happen in regards to friends. Like, I heard on Twenty's love pack about friends and manifesting them and also I've done a few FIR's on that but only a few. Mostly more like congratulatory conversations plus a little visualization. Imagining the texts before and after going out with them. So here's a cool update, some stuff that's happened in the shadow world: I met a "Hey Vina!" (female friendship app) match in November, maybe late November? and we had coffee, drinks and a chat and laugh. That hasn't been maintained but it was nice, y'know? I went to a meetup group and NOBODY turned up to that one! But I messaged a girl about it and SHE asked me to hang out. Also, I THINK this was late November. Unfortunately, she asked me out to a restaurant which i found out had dreadful reviews so I declined but when I was telling an online friend about all this she was saying something along the lines of, "I remember you saying to me that you were imagining people sending you messages asking you out (platonically). Why don't you GO out with her, this is what you've been asking for!?" I didn't go but I thought hey that's true and that's cool, she DID ask me out, with her, a friend of hers and meeting some other people! A colleague sent a nice email and there's two other things. About a week ago, maybe? a guy who (hey I'm asking for FEMALE friends, but OK!) well we're facebook friends but we've also bumped into each other a few times at groups a few years ago. Well he invited me ice skating with 2 others. Anyway, so yesterday we went. It ended up being just us as the other two had to cancel, but it was nice, you know? Had a laugh, good chat to him and I DO love ice skating. He also said (I can speak freely, he's not in this group!? ) "I don't really have any other female sporty friends" and said how they are two girly girl to wanna do stuff like skate! I kinda dig being sort of referred to as the sporty gal pal? The last thing SO FAR! Is, for the first time, a Hey! Vina match messaged ME first! Yesterday, but too late to get her in on the skating with us, as we DID have two free tickets. But that's a nice change. So there's my update. Sorry it's so long! THIS, people, THIS is why I DON'T Twitter?

cool... consider.. you applied the tools with manifesting being asked out to do things.. texts etc..

you were asked but didn't go...

so.. what if you switch gears and move from being asked out... to having had good fun with friends?

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I like that! Yeah I did do that a bit, the text before asking me and then the text after saying thanks for joining them, it was fun. And sometimes the faces, but of course I don't know what those friends will look like and that's all good. But that's a fantastic point, Greg Markovich, I think the emphasis should be on the having fun with them and the text after, not so much on the beginning. Thank you yet again??

it could be a conversations with people you do know now..

folks that you know their voice, mannerisms.. talking about how much fun you have been having creating new friends and fun experiences with them using imagination...

or whatever that conversation would natural go with you and that specific friend

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Great share athena35! Notice in Greg's advice, he moves out into the future a bit..... This is SO VITAL.... Because you will manifest WHAT you have imagined.... So we often ask....

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Do you want to manifest a text, or a date? If it's a date, don't imagine having gotten a text.... Imagine telling your best friend, about this lovely date you had....

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So much fun to be had, exploring what you really want, and what implies that!?

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