So Simple You say? " To be realized, then, the wish must be...

So Simple You say?

" To be realized, then, the wish must be resolved into the feeling of being or having or witnessing the state sought. This is accomplished by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. The feeling which comes in response to the question "How would I feel were my wish realized?" is the feeling which should monopolize and immobilize your attention as you relax into sleep. You must be in the consciousness of being or having that which you want to be or to have before you drop off to sleep."

NEVILLE - Feeling Is the Secret

this is the EASIEST way to find the feeling

knowing the desire is from god... that the desire itself, as part of it, has the plan of realization within it..

knowing being clear on the end... just ask, how would I feel if ____... and as long as you stay out of the way..

instantly, the feeling begins to come up from within

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