Southwest Flight 602 on July 9th 2009 on Las Vegas to BWI Leg Message:...

Southwest Flight 602 on July 9th 2009 on Las Vegas to BWI Leg Message: Southwest Flight 602 on July 9th 2009 on Las Vegas to BWI Leg. Noticed 3 events related to safety that I think should be reported. (1)Flight attendant (male) releasing info that likely revealed the ID of the on board Marshall prior to take off from LasVegas.Later monitoring of IDed passenger seemed to confirm my suspicion. More data on this if needed. (2)Flight attendant (female) carries a flaming object down the cabin isle while in flight. An in-flight birthday celebration by this attendant resulted in the lighting of a single candle (twice) and carrying it down the aisle (60%) or more of the cabin while lit. So, a flaming device or candle was lit 4 times! Carried by seated passengers twice as it went out of first try! It was sitting on a cake or cake simulation. It even went by the suspected Marshall! This is likely a violation as the bumpy trip could have easily knocked her into a passenger’s newspaper the caught fire! Many papers were being read all during the flight to BWI, including the suspected Marshall! (3)Upon landing, the plane yawed several degrees (back & forth) in front that made a scary landing. Southwest Flight 602 on July 9th 2009 on Las Vegas to BWI Leg

Report #1 I believe an Air Marshall's identity (seat location) was compromised by a male steward on South West flight 602 during flight between Las Vegas & BWI on July 10th Friday. More detailed info if needed. Contact me via 301-2863784 WK West flight 602 during flight between Las Vegas & BWI on July 10th Friday. More detailed info if needed.301-2863784 WK

Flight from LAX had unloaded passengers at Las Vegas. My son & I were returning from 6 weeks in Philippines. A few of us were still on board as we were to continue on to BWI. IE, we started at LAX. A woman already on or just came on prior to others going to BWI from Las Vegas and sat in a seat ahead of me about 6 rows up & other side of isle. It was “Open Seating”! The male steward told her quickly she could not sit there or in that seat! As she got up, he told her she could sit in any seat but that one! I realized I was likely hearing info that was revealing where the Air Marshall (AM) was to sit. The rest of the flight included watching events from that seat that could prove or disproof my contention/belief. •AM was sitting on an aisle seat. •it was aprox 60% to the rear of the plane & on isle. •He (AM) was about in his 50s •No coat or other cover above waist that would indicate he was packing. Possibly a leg holster. •Over head bag (red?). Did not come to check in baggage area after flight as predicted. •Held a Wall Street Journal newspaper allot. Paper top was at height of seat back in front of him. IE, clear view forward. Journal was open to same page for long period. There was at least 2 periods of WSJ viewing, early & late into flight. The referenced page contained a large photo which obviously did not require much time to read! •Man (AM) never went to bathroom, but his adjacent middle seat occupant did go that required the AM to rise from his seat into the isle. •Lighted candle (stewardess held) walked past the seated AM without any involvement on his (AM) part. •nothing was seen that might indicate the AM was in fact a dead heading steward or pilot. No rolling bag or uniform, etc. Report #2

During flight Southwest 602 on July 10th Friday 2009 from Las Vegas to BWI, a steward's (female) lit and carried a lighted candle down the isle of the plane while in flight. This was an impromptu birthday celebration by the crew of a woman passenger. I do not know, out of passenger sight, how she lit the candle, but obviously each time of two lights, there was a flame produced in the cabin to ignite the single candle. She started down the aisle after first known light, but flame went out on the candle, so she went back out of sight to relight! She then proceeded down the aisle to the passenger that was having a birthday & presented the seated passenger with the candle & cake (possibly only a cake replica). I think the passenger was seated in the middle seat! The steward also presented the birthday passenger after the candle, with a queen crown she made up of ring & multiple swizzle sticks.

The steward therefore passed about 70% of the seated passenger seat rows with a lighted candle flame! She also passed the suspected Air Marshall. She passed passengers likely reading (open) newspapers (source of flammable material hazard)! The plane had experienced considerable periods during that short flight of turbulence (bumpy ride) that required cabin warnings. IE, the stewards could have easily have been carrying a lighted flame during a turbulence bump that could have knock her into a passenger seating area!

I believe this action with a lighted flame during flight was a NO & likely a safety violation! Dick Bolt

I am a trained observer & a trained NASA accident investigator with 23 years as a System Safety Engineer with NASA as a govey.

Dick Bolt


Thank you for contacting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Safety Hotline.

Please elaborate on the item involving the possible ID of a Federal Air Marshall.


Jim Knight, Aviation Safety Analyst (AAI-003) Aviation Safety Hotline

Federal Aviation Administration Office of Accident Investigation 800 Independence Avenue SW Washington, DC 20591 1-800-255-1111

[email protected] 07/12/2009 01:09 PM To 9-AWA-AVS-AAI-SafetyHotline/AWA/[email protected] cc Subject Contact the Aviation Safety Hotline

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