Springroll Pastry + flour/water glue Large Jalapeno Chillies

Do you guys remember Canal Wok in Canal Walk's food court? They used to sell Thai/Chinese style food. They used to make this chilli with cheese wrapped in a kind of pastry. So I tried it, and it's so delicious.

You need:

Springroll Pastry + flour/water glueLarge Jalapeno ChilliesA block of processed cheese(Deep fries in oil)

Start with the chillies. If you like it strong, just make a slit in the side and cut off the top. If you like it mild, I don't know if there is an easier way to do this, but I cut the top of the chilli off, then I use a sharp knife to loosen the ribs, then I slit the side and pull the seeds and the ribs out. Please remember to use gloves.Grate the processed cheese, it's a bit messy so maybe make sure it's slightly frozen to make it less messy. You can use normal cheese as well, but I found it sort of 'disappears' when you fry it.Stuff the chilli's with the processed cheese.Rolling the springrolls: add some cheese on the leaf of the springroll, add a stuffed chilli, wrap and glue closed.Try doing it before the time and freezing itn since it fries better frozen.Deep fry till golden brown and serve with sweet chilli sauce.

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