Suit attacking Southern California fluoridation dismissed-health

Suit attacking Southern California fluoridation dismissed.

A federal district judge has granted a motion to motion to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to stop the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California from adding fluoride to its water supply. The plaintiffs alleged that their civil rights were being violated and that fluoridation was unlawful medication because the chemical involved lacked FDA approval as a drug. The defense responded that only the U.S. Government has the right to seek enforcement of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and that this law contains no private right of action. The judge agreed with Metropolitan and dismissed the suit. Metropolitan began fluoridating in October 2007 in compliance with a state law that requires fluoridation of all public water supplies with more than 10,000 connections if sufficient funding available. Most of the funding was provided by a $5.5 million grant from the California Dental Association Foundation and the California Fluoridation 2010 Work Group.

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