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Swedish Flower Pollen

The Ropes – Streaming Ejaculate

Swedish flower pollen was developed in the mid 1960’s. It was really geared towards increasing men’s sexual vitality. Over the past several decades, it has been used by millions of men in Europe, Japan and Asia for the improvement of sexual performance as well as recovery. Numerous studies have shown Swedish Flower Pollen to help promote a healthy prostate, which is key when dealing with hair loss, urination, waking up in the middle of the night numerous times, etc.Please do not confuse Swedish flower pollen with bee pollen. Swedish flower pollen is made up of several strains of specific organic grass and flower plants, which is amazingly so the “reproductive fluid” of the plant.Swedish Flower Pollen has a very long list of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, phytosterols, lipids, ribonucleic acids, peptides, and fatty acids. Surprisingly, Swedish flower pollen is unusually rich in all of these nutrients, as well as many others not mentioned.

Swedish flower pollen has been suspected to be a non-hormone method of helping women who experience PMS, showing a positive outcome after several studies. In addition, premenstrual weight gain was also reduced by 50 percent during those studies.

Now let’s get to the point shall we?

Now there is something called “ropes.” The ropes is a term created from France decades ago as “les Lianes.” It basically describes the appearance of “streaming ejaculate.” Swedish Flower Pollen is associated with this effect due to the intensification of ejaculate contractions and semen volume.

Some may ask when is the expected?Everyone’s body chemistry is different let’s make that clear, so a period of time is required before you can notice the results. Although, some men have reported dramatic results within 3-4 days but, results should be noticed within a 7-10-day period.

Our Swedish Flower Pollen is safe. It comes from a “pure” botanical seed, it’s allergen-free and stimulant free with no side effects.

Please do not freak out when you view our analysis list (extremely long yet amazing):

Dietary Essential Amino Acids and Physiological Essential Amino Acids:

Histidine Alanine Glutamic AcidIsoleucine Alpha-amino butyric acid GlutamineLeucine Arginine GlycineLysine Asparagine HydroxyprolineMethionine Aspartic Acid ProlinePhenylalanine Cysteine SerineThreonine Cystine TyrosineTryptophanValine

Growth Regulators:

Auxins GibberelinsBrassins KininsOthers:ChlorophyltHypoxalthineTarpenesHexodecanalGuanineIndolesPolyphenolsPhenolic Acids (Catechin, Epicetoohln, Gallio) Xanthine

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