sweet and tangy chicken food

tonight's supper.sweet and tangy chicken food served with jasmine or any rice/ any starch.

however many pieces of fresh chicken (i'm busy using 12 smallish thighs)2 onions sliced in julienne2 peppers also julienne2 cloves garlic, crushedwellingtons sweet chilli sauceoyster sauce or worcester sauce( i've used oyster sauce)chutneydash of all gold tomato sauce

1.spice your chicken and fry it in a bit of oil til nice and brown. set aside.2.fry onions, peppers,garlic (i had mushrooms leftover and somma put them in also) till soft.3.add water to the fried onions and peppers,garlic. then add all the sauces. you can decide how much.(i just play around till it looks and tastes like what i have in mind lol)

  1. once the sauce is boiling again, add the fried chicken, cook it in the sauce till its soft and you like the consistency of the sauce.*no need to add sugar at all at any point. the pot will sort itself out hehe?

serve to very hungry family and friends with rice, bread/rolls/rotis etc. enjoy! xx

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