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The anti-vaxxers is a post I have wanted to do for a while. You may mistake the baby in the photo for a skinned possum, don't worry a lot of people have made the joke - the baby is me in the late 1980's. I had to dig through the archives to find these photos. These were nearly the only photos taken of me. I died - three times.

Because of whooping cough and because of anti-vaxxers.

I've always been an impatient little shit so it was no wonder I came 3 and a half months before my due date. 24 weeks old and ready to go, I was 1 pound 13 oz (less than 600 grams), I weighed less than a can of coke and I looked -- not like a baby. More like a skinless chicken breast but with more poo.

Premature babies have it tough. I was in intensive care for over 4 months, I had a bleed on my brain, I needed round the clock care and more blood transfusions than I have fingers. Despite all of that - I was making it through until some irresponsible fuckwit didn't vaccinate their child which resulted in the spread of whooping cough (Pertussis). A child came into the ICU with whooping cough and I caught it while I was too young to be vaccinated.

Image being a couple whose child is smaller than both palms put together who is struggling to breathe. Imagine parents who slept at the hospital, who didn't know if the next time a nurse or doctor approached you, it would be to say "Sorry, she didn't make it". Imagine seeing your child fitted with hoses and tubes and IV lines. Imagine being the parent of a child who isn't strong enough to breathe on her own who now has to fight a dangerous pathogen, she would never had gotten if other parents had stood by science and vaccinated. Imagine being a parent who couldn't do a damn fucking thing but watch their child suffer. Imagine being the parents of a child watching as their baby died three times and was brought back and not being able to do a thing to help.

That was my parent's reality.

Now imagine anti-vaxxers. We've all encountered them: self-centred scientifically illiterate unqualified precious snowflakes who would rather believe lies if it fits with their narrative. Willing to put their entire community at risk under the guise of "I only have the responsibility for my child" despite the fact their child is part of the fucking community they refuse to protect. The willfully and proudly ignorant masses who care more about maintaining the illusion they are right than the health and safety of the population. The people who tie themselves into knots in order to keep hating vaccines and keep their beliefs.

Idiots who only use science will it's suitable for them. The people who post on mummy blogs asking what to do while in the waiting room of hospitals because Patricia the accountant and Jerry the chef and Sally the stay at home mum are somehow more qualified than medical professionals with decades of training. The people who demand science save their children from things that could have been prevented by using science in the first place. I have a very special message for you:

Fuck you. Fuck you and your dangerous ideology. Fuck your inability to take responsibility for your actions and admit your echo-chamber is bullshit. Fuck you and your refusal to understand that your dumbarse choice not to vaccinate is directly responsible for the return of preventable diseases and the death of the innocent people who contract them. Fuck you for thinking your ego is more important than the lives of children. Fuck you for your refusal to acknowledge the choice you make for your child has consequences, not only for your child but the community as well. Fuck you for not being mature enough to accept the consequences of your actions. Fuck you and your weaponising of autism to further your science denial agenda. Fuck you and your willful ignorance.

You know what saved me? Science. Medicine. Big Pharma. The highly trained doctors and nurses who provided me with round the clock care - some of them are still at the same hospital, at the same job - saving babies and cleaning up the mess that idiots cause. Not fucking homeopathy. Not fucking reiki. Not fucking chiropractors or essentials oils or acupuncture. Not a fucking naturopath with a toilet paper diploma. Fucking science. Fucking real medicine made by "Big Pharma". And at 23 when it was found I had a hole in my heart stemming from being a premature infant - science did it again. Doctors went in and did their jobs and fixed it.

So fuck you anti-vaxxers and fuck you every con-artist and charlatan who makes it their job to demonise medicine to sell their own crap. Fuck you to every idiot who never bothered to critically think even just a little bit, the people who believe everything they hear but never bother to pick up a science textbook.

Fuck you to everyone who peddles woo and quackery and pseudoscientific bullshit. I don't tolerate your bullshit because there is nothing to tolerate. There is science and there is bullshit. Science will always update its knowledge when new evidence presents itself - bullshit will always be bullshit. There is no debate and there never was. The only debate is the one manufactured by morons who want pulpit to spew dangerous lies.

This is an emotion-based post because that's all anti-vaxxers understand. They don't understand facts or evidence - if they did, they wouldn't be anti-vaxxers. I thought if anti-vaxxers don't want to come to the level of science, I would come down to the level of the Appeal to Emotion and fuck shit up. This is me as a premmie baby - this is me adding my voice for every infant who contracted a preventable disease who didn't make it. The anti-vax crowd can fuck off and keep fucking off until they've fucked off so far that only time we hear of the community of idiots is in the history books.

Vaccinate your children. Your choice will protect the vulnerable people who don't have one.

P.S: I'm getting numerous requests from people asking if they can translate this post into different languages - go ahead. I'm pretty sure "fuck" is universal though.

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