The Attitude Money Experiment: Short Version Note: If you want...

The Attitude Money Experiment: Short Version

Note: If you want to REALLY NAIL feelings - feelings that will manifest financial freedom for you - this experiment - will rock your world - cost you nothing - and change your life.


I Want you to take a $10 bill - banknote, and put it in a special place in your wallet.

And promise to Never EVER spend it. This is your attitude money.

This is NOT your emergency stash. It is NOT your fun money to spend on what you think you want. This is your ATTITUDE MONEY. The best $10 you will ever invest in your life.

“But what if I need to spend it?”

Trust me, you don’t. Just THINKING you might have to spend your ATTITUDE money, demonstrates how FORCEFUL poverty thinking can be in your life. So thank it for teaching you a lesson, and wrestle it out of your mind, do it now.

In 30 days or less, actually as soon as you are comfortable, I want you to add another $10 to it. Now you have $20 attitude money. We call it attitude money, because it FEELS GOOD, to know that you have money, that you will never need to spend. You’ll never ever be broke again, and you always have money.

If you want BONUS points, double it every 30 days (or more often), until you have at least $100 in your ATTITUDE MONEY. And make sure you keep it in the form of a BIG BILL.

Don’t make it 10 TEN dollar notes. Make it a nice $100 banknote. Then imagine what it’s like to have FIVE TO TEN of those, just sitting around, knowing that you never EVER have to spend them.

And keep DOUBLING until you do. And watch your ATTITUDE about money and wealth change - BIG TIME. You can do this. And you’ll be learning why this is so powerful in retraining our brain in this program. Enjoy the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack recordings.

Shared with permission from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack:

The Prosperity Pack

For years now, I've watched quite a few people TOTALLY transform their lives with this one, and I've watched HEAPS resist doing it with all they've got. This tiny little experiment brings up what needs to be brought up, and it teaches what needs to be taught - so that RAPID RADICAL CHANGE happens.?

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Good on you for diving into it mate!

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Thank you! I went to bed last night feeling that I had all the money I need and want for my life. Yesterday's discussion on here was so beneficial. Feeling is truly the key!!

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I also put a $100.00 banknote in my wallet and kept it there for years. I did and could say: I always have money. And, I could say I choose not to purchase this/that at this time. Yes, Twenty the baskets are fun and there is over $340.00 in them. I will put them in the rollers and take them to the bank. I forget there are even there!

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Hi linda1! So empty out your baskets, and put $400 in your attitude money. And then start DOUBLING it. This is VERY DIFFERENT than just having the money sit there. This AMPS up yourl ife, BIG TIME, because PSYCHOLOGICALLY and in reality - YOU are one who KEEPS DOUBLING their money.

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First their "attitude money". Then capital reserves. Then income.

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Doing "part" of the experiment is like making "part" of a loaf of bread - leaving "part" of the ingredients out.

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Doing it all, gives you the MIRACLE of More Bread.?

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You are absolutely right and this is clear! I will count it again and see what's there. There is money all over this house. Thank you so much Twenty. I will do that! Just the intentional focus supports the process. Thanks!

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Good one linda1! Here are BONUS POINTS:

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