The causes and the cure for aging-health

The causes and the cure for aging

Jameth DIES before the age of 50 years old. {links below: in one it is stated that over 50 raw food experts have died recently???} Very sad that such a handsome young man, who tried to be a leader to many into health. Died of health related issues.. Instead of 200 years of age, he left us far to soon at a very young age.. Jameth Sheridan felt Raw was good, and that it would keep one healthy, but, there is much that must be eaten and taken to survive the Sensonic Plague. The Pandemic Plague Woman/Man has called aging now for centuries is in reality a decomposer disease that attacks mankind on all Levels..

This same infection is the cause of all side effects from the sub atomic/nano level infection that takes us into aging and ill health. Being the true cause of all disease.. Here are a few links speaking of Sheridan and his beliefs... and To learn the causes and the cure for aging and to become part of this major destiny. Go to the link at

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