the differences Between Marzipan and Fondant

FYI Bakers! Maybe some of you are wondering whats the differences Between Marzipan and Fondant

What ingredients are in marzipan and fondant?

The key ingredient that makes marzipan different from fondant is almonds. To make marzipan, almonds are often ground into a powder or made into a paste and added to sugar and water. However, fondant is typically a sugar and water mixture that uses a binding agent to solidify it. Some common binding agents for fondant include gelatin, corn syrup or some sort of starch.

What are the differences in the textures of marzipan and fondant?

Marzipan is more of a paste that is used to form shapes. The best method for shaping marzipan is with your hands or a mold. It also holds together best when used for shaping items that require some girth. Although fondant is also shaped, it has more of doughy texture and can be rolled out. Therefore, fondant is a better for projects that require applique-like shapes or forms.

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