THE LOA MAGIC PILL I see so many people looking for that one...


I see so many people looking for that one magic pill to manifest the life of their dreams.

Well, here it is, folks...

Fall madly in love with your LIFE!!!

Yep, that’s it.

Class over. ?

But, I hear you say,

“I’ll do just that, just as soon as.” (Fill in the blank)

But, what so many don’t understand is, it’s not the Law of Attraction that’s keeping you from creating the life of your dreams.

It’s your excuses of why you can’t have it.

And, it’s your thinking that your world, or something in it, needs to change in order for you to get to that “I frickin love my life” place, FIRST.

The problem is, that’s the exact opposite of how it actually works.

Look, you don’t need a DEGREE in the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams.

And, you don’t need some self-proclaimed LOA guru keeping you confused and jumping through one hoop after another.

Most of you don’t know how to build a gasoline engine, do you? But, you DO know how to turn the key to start your car, right?

What you DO need, though, is to create the positive energy that will align you with that positive life you’re trying so hard to create, instead of TRYING SO HARD to create it.

AND for that, you need to start LOVING YOUR LIFE NOW!!! Yep, bullshit problems, and all.

Now, how would I know that?

Because, that’s exactly what I did, and continue to do; and have shown others how to do, as well.

AND, like a magic pill, IT WORKS!

Of course, I know there are people out there who are NOT loving their lives; but are manifesting things, anyway.

But, seriously, is schlepping your corpse around, to just buy a bunch of meaningless crap, really how you want to go through life?

The truth is, we are ALL manifesting something, ALL the time!

But, nobody is creating a ridiculously happy life, feeling miserable throughout the process.

It is simply not possible to arrive at a happy ending as the result of a miserable journey.

And, let’s not make that mistake (that so may do) by confusing HAPPINESS with FUN.

They are NOT the same.

Just as pain is an experience, and suffering is a state of mind; so too, is FUN an experience, and HAPPINESS a state of mind.

Experiences are fleeting, and sometimes beyond our control; while states of mind are completely within our control, and can last a lifetime, if we so choose.

SO, ask yourself,

Why DO you want that man, woman, job, money, car, house, lottery win, etc.?

It’s because you wanna be HAPPY, right?

And, you believe having that person, thing, status, or event will give you the happiness you’re looking for, true?

But, I’m here to tell you that it’s a lie your ego WANTS you to believe.

Hey, don’t get me wrong; your ego is great at all sorts of things. You know, all that cool stuff you want? The cars, wine, sex, bills paid, etc...

But happiness is not its gig.

No, if you let your ego take control over guiding you to your happiness, you’re gonna spend all your days playing the game of, get me this, and get me that; get me fed, get me drunk, and get me laid. Get me more, more, MORE.

And, each night you’ll feel unfulfilled, because you couldn’t get it all quite done.

Oh, and guess what?

In the morning?

You’ll wake up with a brand new list stapled to your forehead, so you can star in that circus all over again.

Do you wanna know what studying all that Law of Attraction stuff did for me?

It confused the hell out of me. That’s what. And it’s the same thing it’s doing to many of you, too.

It had my mind running around like our Big Black Cat chasing a laser pointer—addicted to the chase, but never quite able to catch it.?

Before I came to understand this, the Law of Attraction just seemed like one big, cruel, unfair joke.

But, now I see how absolutely JUST it truly is.

So, my first piece of advice to you is,


NO, Seriously. It’s just making you crazy, anyway.

Stop trying to figure it all out. Instead, start FEELING!!!

Start feeling HAPPY, and GRATEFUL for all the amazing things in your life NOW!!!!

Start CELEBRATING the sunsets, a glass of wine, that delicious meal, your old beat up car that gets you where you want to go, the person who let you cut in in traffic when you were running late, that one special person who loves you like no other.

Make a BIG DEAL out of every little thing!!!

Use the good towels and the expensive china. Light some candles.

Make a toast at every meal. EVERY MEAL! Yes, even the one at McDonalds.

Indulge the ego for what it’s good at: enjoying the present moment.

I’m telling you, if I had a dollar for every time someone told me how lucky I was; or how much they WISH they had my life, I’d be a freaking millionaire, by now.

And as much as I could tell you how Amazing my life is, I still wish I could come up with more glowing terms to describe it.

I’m NOT saying all this to impress you.

BUT, I am trying to impress upon you how ABSOLUTELY VITAL it is that manifesting all the Amazing things you desire, begins with YOU being AMAZING FIRST!!!

Now, go be amazing.

Wow! This is a brilliant piece!

Today is the 4th day of my one month marathon on gratitude!

My intention is to get that inner harmony about myself and feel happy and grateful about ME.

And this piece herein is just so perfect.


I am SO happy I could be of some help, along your journey.

All the best to you, my friend.

I am most grateful.

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has it been approved by the FDA?

I don’t seek approval for anything in my life, Jamie.

If something works. I use it. ?

Lol had to say it, good comedy considering most of the stuff they approve could probably shut down a few organs ??

TRUTH!!! jamie4

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Thank you. ?

I was really depressed. Waiting for a phone call might make me crazy. I m really focused on. But through reading your article, I decided to forget about it at least for a while, enjoy the moment and expecting happy events to come. Am I right?

OMG Faiza, NOW you’re on track.

You can forget it all together. God/Allah/The Universe/LOA/Life already KNOWS what you desire.

Now, have fun and enjoy till it shows up.

And keep walking through doors.

Did you read my article on the LOA Torpedo?

lucky72662 No, I ve just joined the team. Would you please, share? Your style is convincing.

My style is called EXPERIENCE, not theory. ?

lucky72662 Nice. I ve just experienced that, on the spot?

Here are a few you might find helpful.

Let me know what you think.

lucky72662 sure. Many thanks. Allah bless you

lucky72662 I ve read it???so motivating. Thank you

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