The value of afalfalfa leave in our diet-health

The value of afalfalfa leave in our diet

 In the following article, We Will explore the uses of the much forgotten value of alfalfa leave in our diet. This article is from the founders library of herbal descriptions and uses. Read more at

Uses: Can be used as a dietary supplement for people and wild horses too (in the form of hay). The alfalfa hay is feed for the wild horses during the winter because it has a higher protein content than the summer hay they are fed. The protein gives them a better chance of surviving the winter since they have no shelter. A special kind of hay with appropriate nutrients is fed to them in the summer by people that have a concern for the wild horses since it has been said that the wild horses in NM are ancestors of the horses that came with the Conquistadores( now making the horses part of NM history, something NM would like to preserve) when they came to NM. to conquer the Pueblo people.( Pueblo people, etc. ) who were occupying the land in NM at that time, approximately the year 1513.

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