Thoughts on Cleveland Clinic...

Thoughts on Cleveland Clinic?

I have EM on my face feet and hands but my face is the worst. I have been to 7 different doctors in the past 3 years and no one has been able to really help me I have thought about going to the clinic but I've heard mixed reviews. Have other people had good results From the clinic.

Even with the meds u take. How often r the flare ups all day or under Certain circumstances. Are you home bound

I have a fan blowing on my face too and I sleep elevated with pillows. I tend to flare during the night as I suffer with insomnia and that is a trigger for me. Also I wonder if its because the meds have worn off during the night??

I think most of us flare worse at night. I read this is because the blood vessels dilate as the body prepares for sleep. I also suffer from insomnia but that predates my em.

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Best place ever...saved my ability to walk when 6 other Drs said all hope was lost.

I’m so glad to hear this! I’m seeing Dr Bartholomew on Feb 13th who did you see?

I've been for other issues but they have saved me several times..I go mostly for Neuro.

kelly9946 I’m seeing a neuro while I’m there as well

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Waste of time and money. They diagnose, not treat.

Already have the diagnosis trying to figure out if it’s primary? What is causing it. Did you go? How are you treating yours?

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