First and most important; plant a garden. Even a window herb garden will save you money! Grow foods that are in season, the most expensive and common for you to buy. Remember invest in good quality organic soil and keep your compost for fertilizer.

Second, buy in bulk! Not everyone has a large family like us so this may seem counter productive to some but the savings are worth it. Most stores that have a "bag your own" bulk section, also offer the bags they buy to stock these bins for a discount price. Usually 10% of the already cheaper bulk price. Some stores will give this discount on top of sale prices! Great way to buy rice, beans and spices. If stored properly, dried goods can be bought for the year and even longer, saving in not only cost but fuel and time. Other things can usually be bought in bulk for a discount if you buy a whole case, like sauces, etc.

Third, Buy fresh produce when the price is right! Most produce is on sale when it is in season. Also check for locally grown and find the source directly. Maybe they will give you a bulk discount. (expecially when canning, drying and freezing) Next, watch the sales! Knowing where your local stores discount bins are will also save you a ton!

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