Top Ways To Flush Out Your Lymphatic System

Top Ways To Flush Out Your Lymphatic System...!!! By Greg Ashby

Have you flushed out your lymphatic drains yet?

Look at the lymphatic system like the drains in your house. The biggest drain you have in your body is the lymphatic system, which can often be clogged for years without you even realizing it.

Going so long this way forces you to adapt to a sea of toxins residing in your body that stress and weaken your immunity and alter important pathways of detoxification.

Understanding how your lymphatic system supports every other system in the body (including the immune, digestive, detoxification and nervous systems) is often a missing component to true health. In fact, many believe that poor lymph health underlies a host of conditions, from cellulite to cancer.

How Can You Prevent This Toxin Buildup?

One of the most common causes of lymph congestion is dehydration. Water – and only water – can adequately rehydrate the body. The best lymph-moving rehydration technique is to sip hot water every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. Do it religiously for one day. If, by the end of that day, you are experiencing a dry mouth and are thirsty for this once tasteless sip of hot water, this is a good indication you are dehydrated and your lymph is congested.

If this happens, try this rehydration therapy: Sip hot water every 10-15 minutes for 2 weeks straight. Keep a thermos of hot water nearby to make it easy for you to follow this protocol.

In addition to sipping hot water as part of the lymph-moving rehydration technique, try to drink 1/2 your ideal body weight in ounces of water per day for two weeks as well. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs, drink 70 ounces of water (almost 9 glasses) per day.Top Ways To Flush Out Your Lymphatic System, natural ways to cleanse your lymphatic system, exercises to help drain your lymphatic system, ways to boost your lymphatic system for great help, the lymph system and your health, ways to detox your lymphatic system, ways to clean your lymph system, ways to empty your lymphatic system from toxin

Some common symptoms of lymphatic congestion include:

-Rings get tight on fingers -Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning -Feeling tired -Bloating/holding onto water -Itchy skin -Weight gain and extra belly fat -Swollen glands -Low immunity -Brain fog -Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle -Dry skin -Mild rash or acne -Hypersensitivity -Mild headaches -Elevated histamine and irritation due to common environmental allergens -Occasional constipation, diarrhea and/or mucus in the stool

All red-staining foods tend to be great lymph-movers. The herbs Echinacea, Red Root, berries, cherries, pomegranate, beets and cranberries were all traditionally used as dyes and as natural lymph-moving and detoxifying agents.

-Beets in particular also have one other very important property that make them the top food on my list right now – they thin the bile.

-Bile is responsible for about 80% of the immune response in the gut, it regulates the stool, digests good fat and gets rid of bad fat. Beets also scrub the villi of the gut, which is where the digestive lymph originates. If you are going to start with any lymph health-promoting foods, beets are a good place to start.

Overall, make sure you eat your red foods and drink warm water for optimal lymph function! Getting your lymph system cleared out will not only help boost your immune system, but it will also help you take an even bigger leap towards a life of health and vitality.

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Remember, we’re in this together.

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