Twenty was talking on the show yesterday about how it's easy...

Twenty was talking on the show yesterday about how it's easy for people in the fb group to hide their own lives/struggles and how he would love to get to know everyone better. Well, I'm 28 and I discovered Neville when I was 19. I was young and had studied LOA since I was 17. I was using psychedelic drugs at the time and was really discovering life and myself, and I still am. I remember using Neville's techniques to manifest many things with success, but since I was so fresh to everything, I constantly found myself discovering new territories so I ended up forgetting about Neville. In that process, a latent disease had been growing in me, the seeds of which were planted when I was a child. I was the estranged black sheep in my family and with my friends. My friends and I would use LSD and they would be laughing and having a good time and I was inside myself having mystical experiences. 4 of which, changed my outlook on life forever. The first of those, I manifested crazy things in one night almost instantly. I was joking with my friends about if Mario kart was real and I could throw a banana peel for them to slip on. Well, 1 hour later in the student housing I was staying at, we saw a banana peel on top of a door frame of all places! Then, I was joking about being spider man and crawling up the walls like a spider. That night I saw 3 spiders and hadn't seen a single spider the whole time I lived there. 1 spider was hanging off a door handle, another landed on my shoulder in the gymnasium of all places, and at 3 am we flipped on the tv and guess what was on? Spider man. A little bit later I was joking about brushing my teeth over and over and I really wanted to do so but was out of tooth paste. An hour later, walking down the hall, is a brand new tube of tooth paste on the floor. This night will always be in my memory. The next time, I was about 20 and was sick with a cold or something but decided to take LSD and stay up all night. Horrible idea I know. Anyway, at the end of the night I was so exhausted and started puking, and all of a sudden I was standing in my shower looking at my body on the floor. The walls were etched with letters made of golden light and I remember just being in awe that I wasn't in my body. I don't remember anything after that. But this memory at 20 years old has changed my perception of life completely. The next time, which is one of the most profound, I took a heavy dose of LSD with my room mate (who I actually used Neville's techniques to live with), and we watched the movie "Across the Universe", which is a drama featuring the Beatles music. If you haven't taken LSD, it enhances your senses and emotions vastly. Well at the end of the film, they sang the song "Let it be" and it was so beautiful we cried our eyes out. This was at the end of the night. I was feeling immense amounts of love and decided to lay down for the night. As soon as I closed my eyes, "swoosh"! I was in the sky in the lotus position. My body was opaque and made of cells. The only way I can describe this is imagine looking at your legs and seeing through them because they are made of opaque cells. Each one of them was vibrating intensely and I had deep awareness of every single one of them at the same time. And I knew that each cell was every person that existed in the universe. I recognized and felt oneness. But mind you, this was the most insanely vivid experience I've ever had in my life. Imagine your life is a black and white movie. This was like going from that to triple HD virtual reality with full technicolor times a million. And this memory showed me that we are far more than we even know. The last LSD trip that changed my life was about 2 years later. All my friends left, and I chose to stay home to discover what was inside of me. I remember vividly just sitting there for a few hours and the BOOM, out of no where something happened in my head, and I realized "I'm God". It freaked me out slightly but I couldn't deny my experience. The next day, I remember writing in my journal, "I'm 99.999999 percent sure I'm god and will begin to act accordingly". Well, it was that.000001 percent of unsureness that made my life go downhill from there. I became homeless multiple times, and my health began to deteriorate and I became desperate for more answers, forgetting that I was the answer. Until one day, when certain events happened that I can't name in public became the worst day of my life. Everything became 10 fold worse after that. I developed 24/7 panic attacks, homeless again, and suicidal. But still full of hopes and dreams and a knowing of what life had to offer. I also felt deeply inside myself far before this that I was destined for something great. I had studied numerology and my life path was a master life path of 11 (the spiritual messenger). Not that this was the sole indicator of the destiny I felt, but everything I had experienced up to this point, all the revelations I had, and my ability to help people with deep emotional and existential problems had lined up to produce this knowing inside of myself that I was here to experience greatness. This knowing kept me going and I began to study intensely. I studied mental, emotional, and physical health. I ended up going to the CHEK institute to become a holistic health practitioner, and I also became and ELDOA (spinal rehabilitation) practitioner. This period of study lasted from when I was 22 up until now (28). These past 6 years I've learned amazing things about health. I know every good supplement, how it works in the body, every diet (not really as there are over 5,000 different diets), I know extraordinary amounts of different tools in every area of life (stress, environment, nutrition, movement/exercise, mental health, emotional health, breathing (Wim Hoff breathing, holotropic breathing, rebirthing, buteyko breathing, coherence breathing etc), sleep, environmental health (emf exposure, mold, earthing, etc), and I could go on and on). Anyway, all these things seemed to help but I became frustrated because I still was sick! I ended up attending a week long class for Holistic Lifestyle coach level 2 in beautiful San Diego California in December of 2015. This class was filled with beautiful people, beautiful knowledge, and beautiful experiences. Lo and Behold, in just 1 week my stomach and other health problems almost completely healed. BUT as soon as I came home, they returned with a vengeance. I now know why. And after this point, I continued to deny my experience and sold the pearl to everything. Well, what do you know, 2016 and 2017 were very painful. I studied every esoteric spiritual teacher including (Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Sevan Bomar, Matt Kahn, a Course in Miracles, etc). And still wasn't getting results. Sure, throughout these past 6 years I have always continued to make progress, but it has been weird because the better I felt, the worse I felt. Hard to make sense of that but that has been my experience. Then I found Dr.Joe Dispenza, whose meditation techniques have worked to cure the incurable for so many people. I've witnessed hundreds of testimonials of people curing cancer, etc. And his techniques are the closest to Nevilles that I've found. He constantly asks you to feel how you would feel were your dreams true now. Well, I started practicing and was achieving results, but something inside me was screaming to come out. I was still sicker than ever and "healthier" than ever. Meaning I was better than I had ever been, but still miserable. It was around this time that I stumbled upon near death experiences. Well, my addictive self was hooked. I studied every single one I could find and found they all said the same things. "Heaven is real", "Heaven is pure joy and peace.", "I had never experienced love like I did when I was in heaven." "Every single thing is an act of love and has divine purpose.". Well, I felt completely reassured but was still sick and pissed wondering how much longer I had to live in this mess. I desperately wanted to go to Heaven, or have Heaven on earth come, or be 100% spontaneously healed. In retrospect, it's easy to see why my stomach was herniated and why I couldn't breath. There was simply too much for me to digest at once. But, the deepest part of me knew that everything I went through was necessary. So that I could become the true God that I know I am. I knew in the back of my mind that I was denying my true power by constantly selling the pearl, but at this time, I had completely forgot about Neville. Anyway, about a few months ago, I was trying to remember who that Neville guy was when I was 19, but couldn't remember his name and it was bugging me. Then, all of sudden laying down one day without even wondering, I heard in my head "Neville Goddard". And I knew it was him. Ever since then, I have dove in as deep as I could, and I am still learning. I was so happy hearing that man's voice because he constantly reminded me I was god. Now, that.0000001 percent doubt I had when I was 20 years old was gone. With Neville coming into my life, so many things have drastically shifted. I am so relieved because I finally feel at home with Neville. In my element so to speak. I'm no longer bouncing from teacher to teacher trying to digest and assimilate multiple points of view. Really, the best way to put it is that I KNOW I've found the way. Jesus said "Come follow me, I am the truth, I am the way, I am the life." Well, this truly is THE way of life (WOL), and contains with it all the power to discover who you are by getting what you want. No more "the universe will bring it to you" bullshit. No more "be thankful for what you have and more good will come" bullshit. No more "karma" bull shit. No more "balance" bull shit. Just raw and true "me". My life has turned out to be more joyful, peaceful, and loving and I'm not trying nearly as hard. I've had multiple wins with things big and small. My body is beginning to really take shape and honestly that whole second birth thing is taking place. This second birth, I KNOW if the promise. For the past few years I've known it as Kundalini awakening. And it has been a serious desire of mine. I've heard Neville say that you can't make it happen, but I've also heard him say you can. Well, for me I just know it will happen very soon. But in the meantime I'm preparing my self for that gift by assuming it has already been given to me, that I've already experienced it. But here is what is so cool: my main desires have been health, financial freedom to play music all day long/do qi gong outside in the sun, play with my dog, and buy top shelf food/supplements. Which is funny, because I've actually given up all supplements since Neville, and have been getting better and better. But I still like supplements. I also desire health, wealth, happiness, and freedom for my family and friends. And have been playing with the tools for these things and also playing with them for random day to day things such as "convenience, sales, happy encounters, workplace happenings, etc". But here is what's really cool and really freeing: I am finding true power and trust in myself. I used to think I had to force happiness or that happiness was really hard to attain. Now, if my body doesn't feel good, it doesn't matter because I know who I am. Sure I still am playing the yoyo game with my health. But this time it's different. It's like the analogy Twenty had about this being like a video game. I'm a noob (beginner) right now, but I love the game. So if I "lose" a battle (not that this W.O.L. has anything to do with battles), it doesn't bother me because I can tell I'm getting better and better at this. If doubt comes in ("your mom can't be healthy and happy. she's been an alcoholic and on prozac for 25 years" or "you've always come so close to healing but have never fully healed, so your just gonna get more of the same") I instantly realize that I can let go of that because I've realized that the one thing I truly want is to be happy. And this is what is really cool: your subconscious mind always knows HOW to make things happen. So my dwelling place has been in the state of "fucking truly happy". And this is a fail safe, because no matter what happens, my subconscious will bring about events to make me truly happy. And finally this has been working! I'm FINDING myself happy now in almost every circumstance without trying. This is BRILLIANT! I could probably write more and more, but I'll leave it at this. Lastly, I'll post a link to a song I started writing. I've had writers block for years, and haven't been able to sing due to the hiatal hernia and acid reflux. But now with Neville's techniques I am singing (not quite where I want to be, but a shit ton better) and writing again. The way I see it, is my whole life has been a bridge of incidence. I've always known I'd be great. And I'm excited to share my greatness with you all. And want to share my love for this group and this WOL. I am so deeply in love with this group and this WOL. I offer you all to share your stories as well and look forward to reading them. Here is the link for the song I started. And the lyrics were inspired by Neville. The lyrics go, "Said, there ain't nothin' wrong with being free and doing what we want."

Ain't Nothing Wrong

I can relate a lot to some of your experiences. Beautifully written

Thanks eoin1!

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Nice to meet you, joey8283!!

Thanks for reading! Nice to meet you as well!

joey8283 my pleasure.

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Wow. What a storyline! Thanks for being so open. I am so HAPPY to be Alive. I have done a lot of drugs over the years on and off and overdosed countless times but, am still here. Tried 12 step, Therapists, Pychiatrists, Hospitals, Institutions, Psych Meds and many different alternatives. Had a major heart attack in 2012 and died twice but, am still here, although I was ready to die at that time. So, I have had, jail, institutions, near death, addict, molested, incest, self abuse, many different careers, but I was always searching and studying and I loved anything natural or alternative. I have been a survivor and have spent for the most part of over 50 years in a war dance and never found peace or ease until I came across Neville and TT&V about 8 months ago. I fell in love with Neville and then found 20 20 and my life is filling up with Loving Mary State. I am finally embodying what it feels like to be totally at peace and ease. Its been an extraordinary journey and I am finally glad I am still Alive as many in my family died from suicide and addictions.

Beautiful story! Keep creating more beauty! Glad to hear you are well!

I am in the Loving Mary state more and more each and every day. I can see the shift out of the state faster and able to shift back quicker. Its easier and easier to stop, shift back and revise. I just feel lovely, free and happy for no reason but that is who I am. The dancing with MySelf, the World and Life is incredibly wonderful and am embracing as much as I can handle. Its quite lovely.

mary4307 it's truly the way it's supposed to be!

It's better than ever high I ever had. Lol.

i hear that (snorts line of cocaine) just kidding! Lol

We have a very similar story Mary

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Lovely share mate! Revealing instead of concealing is such a gift to everyone. BLESSINGS!

Thanks twenty!

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Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Joey

Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for sharing... So many GOLD nuggets!

"The way I see it, is my whole life has been a bridge of incidence."

So true in many ways..

hen you revealed the ".000001 percent of unsureness"... "I've always known I'd be great."

Totally! Thanks for reading. That.00001 percent had me create hell and it wasn't hard at alll to create hell. So the way I see it is that heaven is equally as easy to create

"No one else caused his sorrow. The dreamer puts himself through hell by his ignoble dreams, and that dreamer is God.

Now that you are coming to the end, as it were, learn to alter the play. Make your world conform to your lovely concepts the same way the Father dreams your life into being. Although you appear to be two, when he brings you to the climax you will be as one." [THE ULTIMATE SENSE]

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Thank you for sharing your story, loved reading it, and listening to your song.? How did you change your dwelling place to be happy?

Thanks for reading and listening. As for the dwelling place, I've used and continue to use the law of assumption persistently, practicing making that feeling natural and of course feel it real sessions throughout the day. If my body doesn't feel good I just rest in the assumption that I'm happy. I don't have to force myself to smile or laugh like I used to do. And that's where the power lies. The god in you makes you happy, if you continually assume you are. Lastly, I've been practicing stillness a lot. "Be still and know I am god". This whole "least amount of effort" thing is the shit. And I'm discovering that's where ALL the power is.

Thank you Joey.?

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Thank you for sharing! I've spent most of my life doing drugs, self-harming, hurting others, prison 3 times (got 48 years last time! ? they called me a Big b***h!) I manifested it down to 18 and have been completely free for 4 years. I've spent countless years trying to kill myself & nearly succeeded in 2012. I have since married the man I met 30 years ago (just hit 5 years). I found Neville and this group a while ago but never really bothered to really read and listen until only a few months ago. I was raised by Bible Thumping Drunks who always said I'd go to hell, I was also always told I'd be in prison. (Imagine that) but I have Neville, TT & Victoria, & you all now. I've also spent much time with Native American teachers and Elders & treasure those times. I was a Nichren Shoshu Buddhist (Nam-yoho-renge-kyo), and I've always been a searching soul. Now you know a bit about me. I say fuck a lot!

Fuck ya! So happy you found Neville. I must say his teachings are the end all be all. Thanks for sharing!

I have finally stopped searching after over 50 years.

Me too! Ain't it grand! ?????

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Blessings to you Joey.

Thanks Brian!

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Love your song btw!?

Thanks shannon2956

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Great happy go lucky song. Well done.

Thanks Mary!

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Nice share!

Thanks Tiffany!

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Terrific share, Joey! Big blessings to you!

Thank you Grant!

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WOW....! amazing! thanks for sharing you...

Thanks for reading

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Put the song on Youtube. I could not listen from here

You have download the SoundCloud app. Sorry, but I don't have a YouTube to upload it on

I don't have any space left here. I thought Youtube would be good for you to get views

eventually I will. But not really concerned about views right now

ill pm you the song. maybe you can listen that way?

You can try. Thanks!

Sounds proffessional and colorful. Thank you

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