Using cream in cooking


Use cream in cooking:Baffled by the number of differentcreams – whipping, pouring, single,double – on the market and exactlywhat they’re best used for. Let'sexplain:

The main difference between thevarious creams is the amount of fat ineach and the method used in theirproduction.

The fat content is important whendeciding what the cream is best usedfor – the higher the fat, the better thecream will whip and the richer the finalproduct will taste.

Both single and double creams aregood for cooking, although the former(which contains only 18 to 20 percentfat) is more prone to separating whenheated.

That said, single or pouring cream isideal for use in coffee or cocktails, orpoured over fruit, although, unlikewhipping cream, which contains morethan 30 percent fat and addedstabilisers, it cannot be whipped.

Heavy cream, on the other hand,contains 40 percent milk fat and as aresult, whips easily to a thickconsistency.

Finally, when it comes to doublecream, you’re looking at a fat contentas high as 48 percent, which makesthis cream easy to whip and utterlysublime on scones.

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