Welcome We love you...

Welcome We love you! Thank you for being with us. Let's all become Masters in the Law of Attraction. Let's study and learn. Let's grow and grow and grow and grow. This group is based on the teachings of many teachers.

Please watch the movie "The Secret" and please read the book by Wallace D. Wattles entitled "The Science of Getting Rich". Also read books by Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Mike Dooley, Rhonda Burns and Gregg Braden just to mention a few. It's our job to study and search for knowledge in this walk.

We will post thoughtful encouraging posts to help you grow and you should comment, share your pictures and dig in deep to engage each other. We are excited to grow here.

We do not approve any posts that are of your business or has a link to or an advertisement of or promotion of your own groups or pages. Also if you post something that is already on our timeline or you posted the same thing before we dont approve those, we are trying to evolve and grow here and not repeat the same old slogans over and over. Also we dont approve posts that ask for you to say yes to this or yes to that, we want to grow, dig deeper and go deeper. We appreciate your understanding and respect. We all Thank you.

Here is a little help. If you are new to this journey or you want more understanding about the Law of Attraction, Then You will want to read some of the books on LOA. This does take alot of time reading and years of learning. The more you learn the deeper you will grow. There are a Lot of great books and some great movies. Some books are. "The Secret", "The Success Principles", "The Power of Your your Subconscious Mind", "How the Secret changed my life", "The Attractor Factor". " The Pruning Shears of Revision", "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henrietta Klausen. "Healing Words" by Larry Dossey. These are just a few great books. Some movies are "Thoughts Become Things" by Mike Dooley, "Beyond the Secret", "The Divine Matrix", "The Opus", "What the bleep". Some great teachers are Neville Goddard, Jack Canfield, Greg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Catherine Ponder, Wallace Wattles, Joe Vitale, and Abe Hicks. Stay in a positive place as best you can. Everytime your mood drops get back in a good place fast. Watch what you speak, text or write. Only speak, think and text what you love and want. You will only manifest what you want if you stay on it confidently everyday. It takes years to get good at it. Patience is the hard part. There is no easy way unless you are already a happy positive person. If you were raised with negativity or other bad things this will be a harder walk for you. Just hang in and fight through the self sabotage. You have to discipline yourself to hang in at all times. If you wobble out, you are digging up your seeds of good. This walk is just like school. You start at kindegarten and then you progress up through College. You have to study to get strong. When someone asks for help in a post It's like someone asking how does math work without them learning and studying. It's imperative you study and read everything about LOA. You will start to get stronger. No one can just tell you in a post how to do this. They can stear you and help a little. But it comes from reading and doing it over and over. I started getting great at this once I got a life coach who held me accountable and encouraged me, and he was all about me. That's when I took off soaring. I will keep a coach until I die. It keeps me on it. We all need one. I am a life coach for many. It's important to keep on it. Also check out our "Files" section above in this group. Hope this helps you on your journey to creating your own life. I challenge you to Go for your big dreams. What do you have to lose if you go for the biggest of dreams? Nothing. You can do it!! Peace and lots of happiness to you. Cat Sansone.

Hey friends if you submit a post that says God or Jesus or He. Then in order for us to approve that we would have to allow Allah, she, witchcraft, voodoo, fairies, or angels or any other religions beliefs posts as well. So in this group we stick with the Universe in general. Once and awhile a minor mention is okay. But lets be clear the law of attraction is not a God. Its Science. This group is about the law of attraction. We are not here to convert people to a specific religion. In fact many people dont believe in a He God or any God. So please be mindful of that when posting. We respect your belief's. Please respect that lots of people dont believe as you do in regards to religion. What we all can agree on is the power of the law of attraction. Were here to work on that skill. Thank you.

Horoscopes and Moon placement have nothing to do with the Law of Attraction. Neither does seeing a butterfly or the numbers 11:11. You get to decide if 11:11 is lucky or bad. Its all your decision. The whole point of the Law of Attraction is to take back and use your imagination and power anyway that you choose at any time. We are here to create the life we choose. The law of attraction is Not Predestination. You either create or a astrologist or medium or leader will choose and create for you. It does not matter when you were born, if there was a full moon or what Chinese year it was. Thats superstition. You get to choose what you want. Every day is a good day if you make it good. Every day can be lucky if you make that your intention. Everything can be lucky, a rock or a butterfly. Everything can be bad also. Its your perception and thought that makes anything mean something. To look for someone or something else outside of yourself to tell you when it is a good day or what and when you should write a check etc. is just plain giving away your power. The Law of Attraction is not Predestination. You have that choice and right to believe whatever you want, however Your choices are your mirror and your point of attraction and consequences in life. Its your magnet. to say this day is more lucky or more powerful then another its up to you. the Law of Attraction is constantly working no matter if it rains, shines, no matter the planet alignments and what the moon is up to, you get to create your life always. You can write a check now today and every day and it will be just as powerful as if you wrote it on a full moon. In fact you always are creating your life even when you give your power away the universe is responding to that saying okay your wish is my command. Or if your thinking a bad thought its still listening and watching and working. Make no doubt about it you always have free will and a choice. It only comes down to how deeply do you feel your desired life. Period. Then the magic starts to happen, which by the way is not magic, its law, its science. You think it, feel it, imagine the end desired and feel it deeply and watch things start to shift and move you and it closer. Always always. Peace to you. Cat

Catsansonelifecoach.weebly.com Voice and Performance teacher at Rhythm Music Studio in New Town St. Charles Mo. https://www.facebook.com/RhythmMusicAndPerformingArtsStudio/

As a Life Coach I do not diagnose and treat psychiatric /psychological disorders, for ex,) The information that I share. It is not intended to substitute for professional counseling and/or the advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to follow the directions and advice of your professional counselor and/or primary health care provider. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by

--Catherine Sansone

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