What if I can feel it real without a scene...

What if I can feel it real without a scene?

in the core lectures.. Neville gives a couple methods...

he instructs how to use a scene... then the lullaby method.. and he implies that the lullaby is easier..

that if you are having issues using a 'scene'... to just use the feeling of the wish fulfilled repeating a phrase that implies it's done

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I've come to realise that the only purpose of the scene is to generate right feelings, the feelings of your desire already being a reality.

As long as you can generate those feelings, any method is the right method, any scene or no scene is a right method.

greg5676 what I've noticed in my case, if the scene is set at a short time after the wish is fulfilled, the feeling is different than when it's set a long time after it's fulfilled. The least is that it's mixed with excitement. Does that mean this is not the done feeling?

So I just use scenes set a long time after the wish is fulfilled. For smaller buns, I just use intention and the good day...

Yes thanks. I've used this feeling before and missed the mark. So I'm not using the short-term feeling with big buns until I experiment more.

you can also begin assuming there is no big and little.... just desire and fulfillment

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From what I can tell - most people -most of the time - don't realize they are "imagining scenes" all day long. To discover that you are - I'd suggest even once you notice you don't need a scene to manifest - that you still play with them, just for fun.?

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