WHY OUR DESIRES ARE NOT MANIFESTING In this piece I will explain...

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In this piece I will explain why our desires may not be manifesting, what a desire iz, and what iz the purpose of desire to give you better understanding of how to manifest your desires more effectively.

It’s our continued act of desiring that creates resistance to our Now. Without acceptance of our Now we are holding all that we desire to being “over there,” in other words, we are believing they are not here so they cannot ever be here while we are holding to a thought pattern aligned with the frequency of them “not being here.”

Are you tuning into the in nonphysical reality or the physical reality? Just like a radio tuner you cannot tune it into two different frequencies at the same time. You’ve got to decide which you want to tune your vibration to.

Desire iz sorely misunderstood. Some believe that having desires iz responsible for their suffering. This gives rise to their desire to be entirely without desires. Instead of being free of their desire they become stuck in it.

There are those who put an intense amount of focus/energy upon their desires and in doing so they don’t realize they are creating a lot of resistance to their Now. They push against the contrast they experience unaware the contrast iz actually guiding them to greater clarity. Contrast iz a cooperative component leading them to a greater realization of their desire. It’s likened to the YOUniverse asking us for more detail of what we want. Rather than appreciating their Now they complain and resist it, making themselves out to being a victim of their own creation.

Now iz all we ever have. The future never comes, there iz only this eternal and ever changing endless limitless Now. How can our Now ever become what we desire if it iz not acceptable to us and we are constantly resisting it? The Now iz eternal and it’s always in constant state of change and we are wise to be mindful that even our desires are impermanent and they too will pass giving space for more desires to manifest. Nothing exists outside of this moment, not even our desires. They exist right here and now. If we are externally focused this doesn’t make much sense to us. Our external conditions will always be a reflection of our internal conditions.

What iz a desire? A desire iz nothing more than a realization. It’s realizing something more that you want to experience, not later but right here and now. The mind will often try to convince us that our desire iz the overall image of the end result and that it doesn’t exist now when it does. However, to experience them we have to stop wanting them and start being them Now. The desire itself iz not an end result, but gives birth to the process of manifestation which begins here Now.

Once a desire iz consciously realized it then becomes an “intention.” When we move out of the state of being desirous we change our frequency to the receiving mode, the state of being receptive, we intend to align with it Now. No efforting iz necessary, in fact it’s quite unnecessary and counterproductive. The ONLY action required iz inspired action.

Efforting iz the type of action we call “hard work” and iz our way of trying to make things happen and having to do things we really don’t want to do, most of the world iz efforting and resisting taking the path of least resistance having been mentally conditioned into believing success iz a result of hard work. The world isn’t wrong, but for the most part it iz unconscious and controlled by the ego. Efforting, or forced action, iz the act of resistance. Don’t follow the world’s example. You’ve done that long enough to know it doesn’t feel good and the results are not often what you imagined they would be. It’s time to try something new and for you to set a new example for the world to follow and become the path of least resistance itself. Only inspired action will lead you down the path of least resistance.

Inspired action iz always joyful and pleasurable, it doesn’t feel like hard work. Inspired action iz our aligning with the process of manifestation, alignment with the YOUniverse, and allowing the YOUniverse to do all the “hard work.” We flow with the energetic current of creation rather than agains it. If the action we are taking seems like hard work to us and isn’t pleasant then that iz an indication we are efforting, using force, getting in our own way, resisting the flow of the YOUniverse in doing it’s job on our behalf because we are not trusting the process. It’s not the same as taking inspired action which feels easy and effortless. Pay close attention to how it feels as the feeling itself iz our internal guidance, the YOUniverse intuitively expressing itself through it’s most leading edge which iz your being.

Trying to force things to happen comes from a place of believing that lack can exist and that our desire iz not already here. Our attempts to effort our desire into being iz nothing more than our resistance to What-Iz. In our referencing What-Iz we are noticing the absence and believing we can lack what we desire. It’s giving greater significance to our external conditions over that of our internal state of being when the external conditions are always a reflection of our state of being which iz internal.

The resistance we experience iz a response to our beliefs that we lack that which we desire. It’s reflecting that we are still in a state of desire, of wanting, because we believe we don’t already have it. Our doubt iz manifested as our external reality rather than our desire. Our beliefs are never blocked, the most dominant thought patterns will always be reflected as our external reality. Many confuse their conscious desire as being a belief. They certainly can become our beliefs but until they become our most dominant thought pattern we don’t truly believe it yet. Our doubt which contradicts the desire has the greater momentum and iz reflected in our external conditions. If we are referencing our physical conditions then the YOUniverse iz responding to what we are giving most of our attention to. What we are believing iz reflected as being true, and so if we are referencing the absence in our external conditions then the absence must continue to be made manifest. In order to move out of a state of wanting we have to let it go. We can’t move into a state of intention while still desiring. To move into the state of intention iz to be aligned with acceptance that it already exists Now. To be in a state of intention iz the same thing as being in a state of receiving. We’ve got to care about our internal state of being rather than giving so much attention to our external conditions which iz always a reflection of our internal state of being.

Once we realize a desire it has fulfilled it’s service to us. The desire iz complete. The desire makes us consciously aware of what we want to experience. While we are in this state it’s wise to visualize and write down every detail of all that we can appreciate about it. Be as descriptive as possible without becoming rigidly attached to the idea of it. Be openly expectant along the lines of “this or something better” as this will allow the YOUniverse to show you it has your best interests at heart. The “when” and “how” a desire manifests iz none of your concern. To concern yourself with those matters iz to get in the way of the process. Our only concern iz the “what” and the “why” of our desires iz expressed in the realizing of the desire through the visualization part of the process. Once you know the what and why let it go. Any contrast experienced afterwards iz the the YOUniverse giving you greater clarity and direction and inspired action in where there wasn’t much clarity. The YOUniverse isn’t making things difficult, it’s doing the exact opposite and making things easier where otherwise it was unclear and seemingly complex to you. The contrast offers more clarity and direction of what action to take Now. The real you iz the YOUniverse itself, it desires to experience what you desire. There iz no separation between you and All-That-Iz.

The Infinite Source desires to experience it’s own infinite potential through the leading edge of itself, the various states of being you move through in each moment. Every object in the YOUniverse iz not separate of the YOUniverse, it all makes up the YOUniverse itself. The environment expands into the organisms, and in turn, the organisms expand the environment. The YOUniverse iz the Infinite Source being all things. The YOUniverse iz a reflection of the Infinite Source’s potential of being anything it so desires being. Source desired to experience itself as being you and being everything else in the YOUniverse and thus the desire was let go of once it was realized and you came into being.

Once you have it, are being it, or are experiencing it are you desiring it anymore? No, this iz why it iz required to let go of your desire once you have realized it. It’s already real once you have realized it. You can more easily let go of it once you have visualized it and fully expressed it. Trust and enjoy the process of it materializing it but we can’t do this if we are still desiring it and referencing the physical conditions of our Now. To do so iz to continue creating the absence of it because we hold ourselves in a state of being desirous. That iz the frequency we are tuning into and the YOUniverse iz matching our vibration of being desirous. We have to change our frequency to one of accepting it iz already real which iz to enter a mode of reception. Through the process it begins to materialize.

Desire iz the first step in the process of manifestation. It’s our moment of realization. So it’s time to get creative and visualize every detail of it trusting that it can be even better than we imagine it can be. Have faith that the YOUniverse can and will deliver in divine perfect timing. Allow the YOUniverse to decide the how and when it physically materializes. Care more about how you feel now internally, don’t wait for the object of your desire to feel what you think it iz the desire will give you because it isn’t the desire you are actually going after but it’s the feeling itself you desire to experience. It’s that feeling that matches the frequency of your desire and attracts all the experiences throughout the process of manifestation to you. It iz already our reality the very moment we realize the desire. We can then release the need (“need” implies lack and keeps it elusive) for it to materialize by allowing ourselves to experience the feelings our mind thinks the things we once desired will give to us by moving into the state of intention. We can do that Now by being it and it iz in knowing this that we become a vibrational match to what we desire. We can get out of the way and let the YOUniverse take the path of least resistance in its materializing.

To recap; desire iz designed to include us into the process of creation. Once we realize a desire and fully express it through visualization it’s at that point we can let it go and it then it becomes our intention, it iz no longer regarded as a desire. We align with it being real Now without needing it to be physically present, it’s internally present and that’s what matters most as the physical will eventually reflect it in our external conditions at the perfect moment. It’s no longer a desire when it becomes an intention, let this sink into your mind so your mind can get into alignment as well. It’s of great importance that we hold to the thought pattern that it’s already an internal reality Now existing within us that will be projected through our being one with it. We are no longer waiting for it, referencing our external conditions, desiring it, or taking forced uninspired action, but only taking inspired action whenever it comes to us. Remember that all inspired action iz to be acted upon now, never later. Inspiration only comes to us in the Now and iz to be acted upon Now as our Inner Being doesn’t know what to do with the egoic mind’s illusions of past, present, or future. Now iz our reality that creates our external conditions.

Notice the resistance of those who speak of desire being a negative thing. They have unconsciously mentally conditioned themselves into believing that their desires are responsible for their pain and suffering and thus teach this misunderstanding to others. They mean well but they simply don’t innerstand that nothing iz designed to be against them but that everything iz designed for them and expressed and experienced through them. Just imagine what this world would be like today if our ancestors never had any desires.

If you have any questions regarding “desire” feel free to ask below and I’ll be happy to elaborate further.

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