Disclaimer: If you find the use of a little strong language offensive, PLEASE DO NOT READ!

If Dawn and I are asked one question, more than any other, it’s:

“Why is the Law Of Attraction NOT working for me?”

Well, unless this is your first time hearing about LOA, I know you’ve already been told way more than once:

“the Law is ALWAYS working, and you’ve created everything you’re experiencing in life, right now!”

Ugh... ?

How fucking frustrating is that?

Even if you are one of those polite people that doesn’t use such language; when it comes to dealing with THIS issue; admit it—you’ve at least THOUGHT IT! ?

Well, hopefully this explanation will cheer you up.

You see, part of the problem is, you really do THINK it’s not working.

And, the other part of the problem is, you haven’t been taught to look for the evidence of HOW it’s working.

You see, for many of you, life is kinda like a ball in a pinball machine; you’re just rolling around, not exactly sure where you’re going, or where you’re getting batted to next. No sooner are you heading in one direction, and suddenly your bouncing into one more damn thing; then getting sent hurling (at least emotionally) off in some other direction.

To you, it seems as though life is nothing more than a random string of events—some good and some bad.

BUT, what if I told you that EVERYTHING is happening FOR you— not TO you?

Oh sure, we’d all like to think WE only attract the GOOD in our lives, and that some other outside evil force is responsible for all that other bullshit.

But, the reality is,

“Every shitty thing that is happening to you right now is preparing you for what you asked for!”

Did you GET THAT?

So what, you thought you were just gonna drag your inexperienced, naive, and emotionally week ass into the Amazing Life of your Dreams, and become the powerful demonstration of your ultimate TRUTH, without being prepared for it?

If so, that only shows how truly naive you really are.

You, my friend, were born for GREATNESS! It’s what you are made of, and WHO YOU ARE!

However, just as an Olympic Gold Medalist doesn’t get to stand on that center podium without training, and rising to a place of excellence, beyond what he or she initially believed was previously possible; so too must YOU rise to your own personal potential.

You see, God/The Universe/The Law Of Attraction doesn’t give you what you WANT.


What this means is, if you really want an Amazingly Uncommon Life, you’re simply going to have to BECOME an Amazingly Uncommon Person.

And, how do you do that?

By FIRST THINKING, Amazingly Uncommon!

Sounds easy enough, right?

Yeah, for a trained gold medalist, maybe. But, for an angry, agitated, easily upset and offended, emotional train wreck, that task seems impossible!


I said it before, and I’ll say it again,

“You were born for GREATNESS! It’s what you are made of, and WHO YOU ARE!”

Now, you can choose to blow this off, or casually dismiss it, if you’d like.

The truth is, all those other people you call friends, who love joining you in b***hing and complaining about how fucked up life is—they’ll still be waiting for you.

In fact, they HOPE you give up on all this Law of Attraction crap.

I mean, if you actually take absolute responsibility for the life you create, and then you go on to turn it around, and create an amazing one...

Well shit, that means they’d have to take responsibility for their own life too; and that doesn’t sound near as much fun as blaming their Ex, the government, or the rest of the world, for their problems and mediocre life.

Now, I’ve used some harsh words here, I know.

But, I really want you to GET, that you are far more AMAZING, and far more CAPABLE, and far more POWERFUL than you give yourselves credit for.

Understand, only YOU know what your own Amazing Life looks like. BUT, you DON’T REALLY know how to get it. If you did, you’d already have it!

Dawn’s, and my life changed almost overnight. Miracles happened, and continued to happen. And, that shit is beyond our control.

And, yet, it’s NOT.

There are miracles that are beyond your control too, that are trying to manifest that Amazing Life you’re dreaming of. But, every time you recognize a problem, or a challenge, or things just not going your way, and then throw your hands up, and say,

“It’s not working,”

You are literally blocking CREATION itself, from transforming YOU into the person YOU need to BE, in order to HAVE the life you say you WANT!!!

Stop fighting.

Give your freaking emotions a rest, for God’s sake.

And, start looking for the positive, in the seemingly negative.

I promise, if you give it some time, and space to breathe, you too will see some magical shit start showing up in your life.

Now, go have an Amazing Day!

~ Lucky Read

Thank you True Talk!

Happy you liked it. ?

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Well said. Thank you.

Thank you.

And, you are welcome. /></div></body></html>

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Yeap agreed..,thank you?


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Nice. Thank you

You’re welcome. ?

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I am going to give my self a big kick up the bum and get back on track?. Thanks. X

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OMG! I love it!!! ?

Good for you! /></div></body></html>

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Thank you that explains a lot


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yes thanks that is help full

Awesome! ?

can I copy it

its awesome inspiring one

ghaga98401, please feel free to share it from our Amazing Living Page.

Here is a link you can use.


My pleasure.

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It is clear to me now.. Thanks.

Awesome! ?

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Thank you

You are welcome. ?

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Thanks for the awakening insight

So happy I could help. ❤?

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You bet. /></div></body></html>

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Amazing article..thank you so much??

Thank YOU!

I’m so pleased you found it helpful. ?/></div></body></html>


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This was a "lucky read" lol see what i did there lol jk man love your posts brother thank u!

Thank you my friend.

There a lot more on my Amazing Living Page, in case you’re interested. ?

I am interested!

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Thank you LuckyRead Thank you so much

The pleasure is all mine. ?

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Thank you ?

You are certainly welcome. /></div></body></html>

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absolutely ?

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Very well explanation! Glory to GOD!


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Needed the reminder- thank you!!??

You’re welcome.

Happy I could help.

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Thank you.

I hope. ?

ur welcome?

/><img height=


You’re funny. ?

Guess I should known, based on your profile pic. ?

ahahaha okidoki?

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This is great...! I got one question to all of those reading my comment: how do you change the thoughts of negativity?

Go to my page, and find episode 31 of our Talk Show, and listen to it, over and over again.

I'll do that

Got it on Google but thanks

Yes, better on pod catcher anyway. /></div></body></html>

Just heard it, it was very helpful. Thanks a lot you two!


Episode 28 might be another you would find helpful.

All the best to you, my friend.

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The Only way to successfully combat negativity is to change your perception- your method of thinking- you have to pick something positive to focus on & force yourself to keep focusing on positive things only- its hard but it is truly the only thing that works.

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Yes. Thanks a lots

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I am of the belief under the law to be offensive language it would have to directed at an individual with malice, otherwise it's merely incorporated to emphasize a point.

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Look I don't know how you've loaded me up with complaining about my life. I've recently recovered from a brain trauma in which my skull cracked and stabbed my brain. I was placed into an induced coma as my brain was bleeding profusely to the point that the whites of my eyes turned black with blood, I stoked during surgery but just about over that. Everytime a doctor or surgeon reads my medical record they suggest to me that I shouldn't be alive. I've spent my whole life trying to avoid attracting attention. You patronisingly speak about my life as through you have some idea what you're talking about. There is only one thing I want out of life, that is to live my life. You're there suggesting that I have set my sights on unachievable goals but in order to qualify I'd have to(What amounts to me) reinvent myself. I have no idea what you were writing about, just as you didn't. The thing is I don't need to be in your group, if hadn't sent the notification I would never have noticed you missing. Seems you have gone some inconvenience to railroad me, I don't want to rejoin this group but I will be putting a complaint regarding the question of expulsions as favours for friends. Have a goodnight..

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I have no idea who you are.

But, best of luck to you.

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Thank you very much

You are welcome, very much. ?

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Awesome ☺ Thank you!!! ❤?✨?????

Thank YOU.

And, you’re welcome. ?

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