Wild Red Reishi tincture from Dragon Herbs and health benefits-health

Wild Red Reishi tincture from Dragon Herbs and health benefits

 I'm relatively new to the world of reishi, & could do with some advice. ? I've been taking 2 softgels daily of the reishi spore oil in the link below. In the past, I've taken Wild Red Reishi tincture from Dragon Herbs with good results. I thought this would be even better, as it's the spore oil. After taking for a few days, I felt noticably calmer/happier. But when I increased my dose by 1 softgel, I felt overstimulated, mind racing & a bit high! So I reduced the dose, & the high stopped, but I still had racing mind, tension & consequently insomnia & increased anxiety. It's been like this for a week. Could it possibly be the reishi product?Would you rate this brand as a quality product? The bottle says 500mg per softgel, with minimum of 20% triterpenes with (100mg triperpenes per softgel).I am in the UK, so am slightly limited in how many reishi supplements are available. Thanks!

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