With humble bows to all seniors and Divine - Angels here in,...

With humble bows to all seniors and Divine - Angels here in, would like to share a routine which brought success a few months back during the most critical juncture of my life - which has been further used by numerous family, friends and clients, and reported SUCCESS!

Yoga – Sharing my personal experiences Give the first 20 minutes of the day to your own personal development. The Universe contributes the remaining hours to your development.

I move to perfection by practicing!

I CHOOSE to BE Healthy!

I CHOOSE to BE Happy!

I CHOOSE to BE Prosperous!

I CHOOSE to BE In Tune with Myself!!

I have understood the power of Words. I have understood the magic of Silence.

I have understood the power of Thoughts. I have understood the power of Thoughtlessness!!

I have understood the power of Words. I have understood the magic of Silence.

Just as I am a part of the whole, The whole is a part of me.

I am never alone, I am always we. My body contains numerous living organisms – bacteria!. So we share the body!

The entire Universe is fractal Mathematics. Every thing is Energy. The vibrational energy can be measured! All the Energy vibrations can be changed with intention and changing the frequencies.

Yoga is not experienced in books, not in training centres, not in groups! Yoga is a very personal practice – a very personal discipline – a personal space! Yoga is a routine! Yoga is a way of life!!

Understanding my body, creating or choosing a pattern of asanas that will help align my thoughts, speech, silence, actions.

Having understood my metabolism needs improvement, would like to strengthen my immune system. So, I begin with cleaning my nostrils (one at a time, breath of fire – in and out).

Aah! What a fantastic feeling. Just love the newness, the freshness of the tingling sensation in the head!

The breath leads the mind, when the mind leads, the body follows!!!

Nadi Sodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Sit in easy cross legged posture on a comfortable chair/ground (with a mat). Try to keep the spine straight. Do long deep breathing through one nostril at a time beginning with the LEFT nostril. Close the Right nostril. Do long deep breathing with the left nostril for 3 minutes. Left nostril breathing calms you. Relax for 10 seconds. Then close the LEFT nostril, long breathing through the Right Nostril (It energises you).

3 minutes Left, 10 sec Relax, 3 minute Right 00.06.20 min

Your nostrils switch play every 2.30 hours. The Nadis (energy channels or meridians) in the right nostril stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. (Surya-Kala) The Left nostrils stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system. (Chandrakala)

When you place the left leg over right, the left nostril is dominant., and vice-versa.

Generally astrologers will not read a horoscope after noon, but my Guru Sri La Sri Meenakshi Sundaram Swamigal would just activate the surya-kala – right nostril breathing and predict.

After the NADI SHODANA, go onto the Mudra for peace and tranquillity!

Fist both hands, with only the middle finger extended out – joining at the finger tips., the remaining three fingers knuckles touching each other. The thumbs face upward, joining each other at tips.

Place the finger pads of the middle finger together. Touch the first two joints of the index finger, bend all other fingers inward similarly. Join the thumbs, elbows outward, 4 inches from the heart area (heart chakra). Close eyes. Deep inhale and deeper exhales. This mudra brings you to a state of thoughtlessness. This mudra is useful in calming agitated thoughts. The more calm we become the longer the time duration between thoughts.

Hold hand 4 inches away from body at heart chakra level. Spine erect. Shoulders relaxed. Elbows crisp and comfortable.

The same mudra can be used to change character, eliminate addictive behaviours, support memory and concentration, needsto be practiced for 10-20 minutes a day to achieve these results.

For an over-active mind, Bachflower White Chestnut is very good.

Keep eyes closed. Deep inhale, long exhales. Inhale love, exhale gratitude.

Do this for three minutes.

Relax for 10 – 30 secs (as needed). During this period, drink the energised water. (*)

Here Energised water is using the intentional Energy Circles.

Mudra for New Beginnings

Join tips of all fingers. Sit in comfortable position with the spine erect. This is the mudra for new beginnings, allows regeneration of cells. Opens new avenues in every walk of life, giving you the freedom to choose.

Keep eyes closed. Inhale long deep, exhale Ommmm………vibrate with m……. Time – 3 minutes.

Relax 10-30 secs after the mudra. During this period, drink the energised water. (*)

Mudra for Increased Self Respect, Miraculous Manifestations of desires and much more.

Just as in Namaste pose the palms are joined together, and in Namaste pose – we offer our due respect to the Divine while in prayer, and in India Namaste position of hands is used to greet someone with respect also. Have you ever thought of you greeting yourself with respect, addressing yourself with grace and gratitude for BE-ing? Yes now is the time to begin!

Join reverse side of palms together. Spine erect. Hold joined hands below the naval (hara chakra) for three minutes. Eyes remain closed. Inhale, exhale. Long deep breaths.

Relax for 10-30 secs after the mudra. During this period, drink the energised water.

Those who have completed basic Level of 21 days, please give a feedback – noted in your personal diary on a daily basis. Look for the positive changes in your self and surroundings.


Affirmation: All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy n Glory (10 * 2 times)

Question yourself: How can things get any better? (repeating this question to ourself, enables magical solutions from the Universe….Solutions align and waiting for you to choose) Magic Magic All Around.

TOGETHER – Deep inhale, exhale Chant in a single breath as many times as possible. Do this repeatedly for 5 minutes (Two Times a day Morn – Night). Initially the TOGETHER aligns the organs of the body with the subconscious command. Next works on the auric circle, then on your own surroundings, family friends, workplace and much more, Universal alignment happens. MAGIC MAGIC All around! In the beginning TOGETHER chanting may make you sleep a little extra longer....since tired organs get rejuvenated) After a week or so, when all organs are relaxed and in perfect understanding with one another, freshness is evident! TOGETHER is the master switchword discovered by Revered James T Mangan, who suggested chanting the word TOGETHER 28 times in a single breath.

DIVINE-ADJUST: For 5 minutes sing to yourself. This helps you climb the steps of evolution in every way in your life! (ADJUST is the word used to climb steps) DIVINE_ADJUST helps expansion in all areas including capacity to make money!

DIVINE-ORDER: For 5 minutes, this brings all in perfect order.

DIVINE- LIGHT: For 5 minutes, magical healings.

With the above, we can for sure experience only magic magic all around, then suddenly we have the ego playing supreme, and then with the ego at play...a hush....a bush.....and we all fall down! Then we term this as nazar or kann drishti or evil eye or sometimes suspect blackmagic done by others... To stay away from the fall down, remain humble....always in the attitude of gratitude to experience constant inflow of DIVINE-GRACE in our lives. So we chant the sw down below.

QUIET-BOW-with-DIVINE-THANKS: This is for us to remain humble in the attitude of gratitude, to continue receiving and giving abundant blessings!

Once in a fortnight, energise further with the Ganapati Kriya:-

Sa Ta Na Ma contains five primal sounds of the universe and is called Panj Shabad.

It stimulates the flow from the pineal to the pituitary glands.

SA (birth) thumb&first finger (Jupiter) Gyan (knowledge) TA (life) thumb and middle (Saturn) Self (patience-wisdom) NA (death) thumb and ring (Sun) Energy (vitality) MA (re-birth) thumb and little (mercury) Budhi (communication)

This is a very sacred kriya. Ganpati also called Ganesha, the elephant god, riding on a mouse, a mouse that can travel anywhere in the world. There is nothing in the world that Ganpati cannot penetrate. Ganpati is also called “mangalam” – the God of happiness.

It is also called the impossible-possible kriya, where all negatives from the past and present are redeemed and cleansed.

The meditation deals with karma, samskaras you carry from past lives which we pay for now. The suffering we go through are only because of past credit and debit.

This kriya also takes away the karma you create on a daily basis. It creates way for dharma. Good deeds are paid for.

Sit in easy pose, spine straight, elbows straight, wrists resting on the knees.

The mantra that we will be using is Sa-Ta-Na-Ma-Ra-Ma-Da-Sa-Sa-Say-So-Hung

Sa: Press the thumb to the index finger (Jupiter)

Ta: Press the thumb to the middle finger (Saturn)

Na: Press the thumb to the ring finger (Sun)

Ma: Press the thumb to the baby finger(Mercury)

Ra: Press the thumb to the index finger (Jupiter)

Ma: Press the thumb to the middle finger (Saturn)

Da: Press the thumb to the ring finger (Sun)

Sa: Press the thumb to the baby finger(Mercury)

Sa: Press the thumb to the index finger (Jupiter)

Se: Press the thumb to the middle finger (Saturn)

So: Press the thumb to the ring finger (Sun)

Hung: Press the thumb to the baby finger(Mercury)

Continue chanting moving fingers this way for 11 minutes

At the end of the meditation, inhale and let the body physically move and rotate as if going through physical spasms. Stretch every muscle, turn round, squeeze, from muscles in face, head n neck, toes. The idea is to reach every energy meridian – circulate the pranas to every part of the body. The breath is held for 35 secs approx.

Repeat the process with breath held 4 times totally.

Last step: Inhale, sit calmly and concentrate on the tip of your nose for 20 seconds. RELAX

Please do share the success you achieve using this routine on my mail id besides posting here, [email protected],com. Maintaining a daily positive happenings journal, and sharing after 21 days will be awesome. This will encourage many more to follow suit!

Lots and lots of Love to each and every one of us.

I'll give a tiny bit of contrast.... "I choose to be healthy"... is a bit different than "Assuming health".

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