YAMAHA NS-635 vs YAMAHA NS10 - big difference...

YAMAHA NS-635 vs YAMAHA NS10 - big difference?

the only reason everyone has NS-10's, is because EVERYONE has them.. and eveyone knows what they sound like..

so does it make sense to buy NS635 for mixing? Or it's better to get NS10

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There's a new NS 10. If the 635 is similar they are not enjoyable to listen to at all. For long periods of time especially. I'd say a better b speaker for checking what smaller drivers sound like. But why mix on something unappealing to listen to? Mix on something u like, and just reference on an NS 10 type. They are very flat and do a good job for reference

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The difference is exactly 625.

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I might have to disagree just a little. NS-10's have a sweet spot that when hit, really means the mix is fundamentally right. I go from that point to a pair Genelecs for high and low end detailing and tight FX referencing. Just an opinion. I find mixing on speakers I love allows me to miss critical aspects of freq. overlaps because the speakers are now doing the work for you. I wouldn't track on NS-10s, at least after initial tones were set.

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The ns-10 was a consumer grade monitor that failed in the marketplace. The only reason they became popular is because they easily translated into, the shitty systems and speakers the average person used. They are not Hi fi... that’s the truth. And they were cheap, especially in the 1980’s when pros started buying them...

Spend your money on good speakers, and one can use any crappy boom box speaker to check for real world translation

Nicholas K. Rico they just made a speaker that was super flat. They thought to recreate what on the record.

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They were commonplace in the 70/80s... not now. Heck their tweeter and woofer aren't even phase aligned... horrible little speakers they are... go JBL LSR... fantastic!?

More hit records have been mixed on them than any other speaker BY FAR... Yeah that's how "horrible" they are...

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