“You don't pick out this woman or that woman (or man)...

“You don't pick out this woman or that woman (or man). Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me?” (Catch the Mood)

Given the prevalence of posts and questions lately on the subject of manifesting a specific person, I felt this post was necessary (to those that are familiar with this/have heard it before, excuse the repetition)

It is NEVER about a specific person. He or she is NEVER what one truly desires. The true desire is ALWAYS the state, it’s always the way one desires to FEEL.

The only reason one is convinced that it must be the specific person is because they’ve conditioned the true desire by assuming that they can only have a wonderful relationship/only feel a certain way with THAT person.

Not only is that making said person a false God, it’s also adding to the word of God, which according to Neville will result in FAILURE & FRUSTRATION!!

For those that have or still are making it about a specific person, does that sound familiar? ?

Here’s the thing. No one here will tell you it’s impossible to manifest a specific person, Neville himself shares how he did just that (however, he also encourages doing the opposite).

BUT, making it about a specific person is not only limiting the being you truly are (by enslaving yourself to a false god), it makes it much more difficult to remain faithful to the state- to the actual wish fulfilled.

What we’re talking about here is no different than the person desiring wealth, so conditioning that on a lottery win. What do you think that person experiences every time they don’t win? What do you think happens to their state?

Perhaps the same thing one experiences every time the specific “who” acts in a way that doesn’t conform to the imaginal act? What did Neville say again about Failure and Frustration? ?

To repeat, your desire is NOT for that man or woman, it’s for the STATE- to be happily married, to be in a wonderful relationship. So, MOVE INTO THE STATE!!! Remain in that end, and as Neville said:

“Let him/her come, clothed in all that it takes to be happy in your world” (Power)

OMG Ashlee.... this lecture is just the best, like most of Neville.s ?... such an eye opener... I loved, loved it... my better half and I fight a lot.. who wouldn’t after being together for 40+ years ?.. but I miss him if he’s not there in a room full of people, if he says he’ll be back by 5 and he isn’t, I can’t rest after that.... until he’s back. That says it all doesn’t it? Thank you ??

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You Miss Ashlee are a legend ❤

I've noticed so many posts on this topic lately, and have personally answered many comments on the subject that I figured I'd just write something. So next time someone asks, I can just post a link ?? #lazy

ashlee7 love it ?

Yes, please do so, Ashlee McCabe. I will skip reading these ppl who may keep posting same thing over and over. Good luck, them. Blessings.

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?, too

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I was also trying to find where Neville says something about the person dying or going to jail... if anyone can link that then cheers

Lecture I posted above?

ashlee7 aha awesome. Thank you ?

"I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.” I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.” “Oh, yes, that man or no man.” Then, of course, this always shocks them. I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?” “Well, he isn’t going to drop…” “I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him” “Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.” But, you see, it isn’t that man. They want to be happily married."

That one??

ashlee7 bingo. Thank you

I was just thinking of that one last night!!

"Oh but Neville did it, why can't I???"well, your results are showing EXACTLY why not to do that!!!! ?

To me, while Neville mentions the fact that he used the law/imagined being married to his second wife in that lecture (and others), I feel as though he almost uses that inaudible question that comes later to encourage doing the opposite of what he did.

I could be incorrect, but I'm sure he married his second wife sometime in the 1930s, which was early into his career teaching/writing on the law, so he was "greener" then (he only met Abdullah in '31).

People like to use his example of manifesting his second marriage as proof that he advocated making it about someone specific. But the way I see it, like most of us, we've been there, and now that we know better, wouldn't do it again. That's pretty much echoed in Neville's comments throughout various lectures where he specifically says to make it about the state not the person.

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Thanks ?

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"I'm beginning to think that maybe it's not just how much you love someone. Maybe what matters is who you are when you're with them."

That quote from the movie "The Accidental Tourist" is one of the truest things I've ever heard. And that's what I truly miss--who I was when I was with him. But, I can find her again...

So you've conditioned that girl, that STATE on him/your relationship? You can be that girl at any moment. "He" was never the cause?

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Yes I can. Thank you Ashlee.

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Funny how I needed to read this. I felt it coming, no joke! Thanks for the kind reminder ashlee7

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Awesome Piece n Great Reminder Thx appreciate U Sharing Wisdom as always ma'am?????/><img height=

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