“You don't pick out this woman or that woman (or man)...

“You don't pick out this woman or that woman (or man). Pick out the state. I want to be blissfully happy, and if I were, how would I see the world? And how would the world see me?” (Catch the Mood)

Given the prevalence of posts and questions lately on the subject of manifesting a specific person, I felt this post was necessary (to those that are familiar with this/have heard it before, excuse the repetition)

It is NEVER about a specific person. He or she is NEVER what one truly desires. The true desire is ALWAYS the state, it’s always the way one desires to FEEL.

The only reason one is convinced that it must be the specific person is because they’ve conditioned the true desire by assuming that they can only have a wonderful relationship/only feel a certain way with THAT person.

Not only is that making said person a false God, it’s also adding to the word of God, which according to Neville will result in FAILURE & FRUSTRATION!!

For those that have or still are making it about a specific person, does that sound familiar? ?

Here’s the thing. No one here will tell you it’s impossible to manifest a specific person, Neville himself shares how he did just that (however, he also encourages doing the opposite).

BUT, making it about a specific person is not only limiting the being you truly are (by enslaving yourself to a false god), it makes it much more difficult to remain faithful to the state- to the actual wish fulfilled.

What we’re talking about here is no different than the person desiring wealth, so conditioning that on a lottery win. What do you think that person experiences every time they don’t win? What do you think happens to their state?

Perhaps the same thing one experiences every time the specific “who” acts in a way that doesn’t conform to the imaginal act? What did Neville say again about Failure and Frustration? ?

To repeat, your desire is NOT for that man or woman, it’s for the STATE- to be happily married, to be in a wonderful relationship. So, MOVE INTO THE STATE!!! Remain in that end, and as Neville said:

“Let him/her come, clothed in all that it takes to be happy in your world” (Power)

OMG Ashlee.... this lecture is just the best, like most of Neville.s ?... such an eye opener... I loved, loved it... my better half and I fight a lot.. who wouldn’t after being together for 40+ years ?.. but I miss him if he’s not there in a room full of people, if he says he’ll be back by 5 and he isn’t, I can’t rest after that.... until he’s back. That says it all doesn’t it? Thank you ??

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You Miss Ashlee are a legend ❤

I've noticed so many posts on this topic lately, and have personally answered many comments on the subject that I figured I'd just write something. So next time someone asks, I can just post a link ?? #lazy

ashlee7 love it ?

Yes, please do so, Ashlee McCabe. I will skip reading these ppl who may keep posting same thing over and over. Good luck, them. Blessings.

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?, too

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I was also trying to find where Neville says something about the person dying or going to jail... if anyone can link that then cheers

Lecture I posted above?

ashlee7 aha awesome. Thank you ?

"I have had people say to me, “You know, I want that man, and no other man.” I said, “No, you don’t; you want to be happily married. You don’t want that man or no man.” “Oh, yes, that man or no man.” Then, of course, this always shocks them. I say, “If he dropped dead right now, would you want to be married?” “Well, he isn’t going to drop…” “I didn’t ask you that. If he dropped dead right now, or if he is right this very moment accused of being the world’s greatest thief or murderer, do you still want him” “Well, now, why ask those questions, Neville? I want that man.” But, you see, it isn’t that man. They want to be happily married."

That one??

ashlee7 bingo. Thank you

I was just thinking of that one last night!!

"Oh but Neville did it, why can't I???"well, your results are showing EXACTLY why not to do that!!!! ?

To me, while Neville mentions the fact that he used the law/imagined being married to his second wife in that lecture (and others), I feel as though he almost uses that inaudible question that comes later to encourage doing the opposite of what he did.

I could be incorrect, but I'm sure he married his second wife sometime in the 1930s, which was early into his career teaching/writing on the law, so he was "greener" then (he only met Abdullah in '31).

People like to use his example of manifesting his second marriage as proof that he advocated making it about someone specific. But the way I see it, like most of us, we've been there, and now that we know better, wouldn't do it again. That's pretty much echoed in Neville's comments throughout various lectures where he specifically says to make it about the state not the person.

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Thanks ?

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"I'm beginning to think that maybe it's not just how much you love someone. Maybe what matters is who you are when you're with them."

That quote from the movie "The Accidental Tourist" is one of the truest things I've ever heard. And that's what I truly miss--who I was when I was with him. But, I can find her again...

So you've conditioned that girl, that STATE on him/your relationship? You can be that girl at any moment. "He" was never the cause?

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Yes I can. Thank you Ashlee.

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Funny how I needed to read this. I felt it coming, no joke! Thanks for the kind reminder ashlee7

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Awesome Piece n Great Reminder Thx appreciate U Sharing Wisdom as always ma'am?????/><img height=

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I agree but listen. It has taken me over five years for there to be someone who we were both (potentially) very attracted to each other and we both really wanted a relationship with each other. But my fears and things got in the way & now he's with someone else. But FIVE YEARS. MORE than that. So what the eff do I DO?? That's a bloody long time people! If someone like that only come along for me once every five years!! Having said THAT it happened 3 months after tweaking my loved girlfriend state ?Really tweaking it so hmmm. 5 years and I'm well you know ain't 20 or 30 no more ?And I'm NOT a settler it feels untrue to my desires Id rather be single forever than settle (but don't want to be single forever I want someone of Luke or Chris' calibre to have a wonderful happy relationship with who's smitten with me and we are in love and that is an ongoing emergent

What does Neville say about timelines and how long it takes to manifest something? Saying things like "the odds are terrible" and "it'll take at least 5 years" aren't helping!

Well, saying those words don't make two hoots of difference.....the fact that Athena is still feeling those assumptions to be true is what's causing the results ?

Revise the time it took!!!

Notice how you started that comment athena35? There's always a BUT with you. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. If it took 5 years for a great guy to come along, notice what you were imagining during that period. Now sure, Neville talks about the appointed hour. However, if you were maintaing your faith in God (in your own wonderful human imagination), you wouldn't be freaking out about the fact that it took 5 years!

Do you think that after 2 years of remaining faithful to the imaginal act, Victor Goddard, upon being bought the building for his dream business, suddenly lost his shit & started worrying about it taking another 2 years (or more) to achieve further success? Or of someone else stealing his business?

No! Because he had discovered God within him! Buy that Pearl honey?

Skip "the buts".... and you'll discover SOMETHING WONDERFUL!


It's all helpful (THANK YOU!!) but I think I especially like the idea about revising the time it took. i HAVE been revising parts of this like that I didn't chicken out to meet him that time we got to meet & had a lovely time but I shall revise the time it took xxxx❤❤❤

athena35......two 'buts' in there already......?

Sometimes I just WISH I was BOMBARDED with options of guys I wanted a relationship with who WANTED a relationship with me and who were up to my standards. Instead of 95% being not a match. BUTTTT I only need ONE who is anyway one guy like Chris or Luke except THIS time I don't fuck it up they don't fuck it up and we wind up in a blissfully happy loving relationship in ❤❤With each other. THAT is what I want.

athena35 you got VERY clear on what you wanted a few days ago in a thread with andrew457......dwell there, stop adding in crap.....BUTTT!!! ?

Hhahahaha from today your name is Mrs Butt! Haha athena35 pls stop butting. U don't need a blueprint to being happily married or to being in a happy relationship. I did the same thing too. Following blueprints. Looking for signs. Sometimes they like u the moment they see u, sometimes it takes a month maybe a year. Who gives a fuck about specifics? Just imagine your end. If it's marriage, feel the joy of being happily married and feel that ring on your finger. Don't force it.. let it feel natural..now if u are sitting around thinking about how long it's gonna take, then you are micro managing. You are looking for signs. You are not in state. You haven't felt your desire as "done" for how can u want something you already HAVE? And NO there are no buts here. Don't add another butt haha pls. Go to the end. The end. The end. The end. For every question that will be posted on this page. The answer is always

  1. What do you want?
  2. What implies you've got it?
  3. Now enjoy that.

Finish! It's never about "but I met him and he didn't like me or he liked me or etc " those are middles and micro managing behaviours. I've BEEN there. I was queen of that. Queen! Ah it was frustrating. Just enjoy your end ooohhhhh plss hahaha. Again for EVERY question:

  1. What do you really want?
  2. What implies that's already happened?
  3. Now go to that end and stay there. It's done. Creation is finished. U can't keep desiring something u already have

egho2 geez, what happened to you overnight??!! Someone give you some good advice or something ?? BTW.....I'm loving your responses!!

yasemin5 hahaha after manifesting a crying session, I looked in the mirror and realized I had no one to blame seeing as there is no secondary cause, I just decided to move to the bloody end for once. And stay there until it becomes natural. life IS that easy hahah. And stop making it about a specific person. And not try to edit my actions or anyone's actions. If I'm in the end, my actions will naturally fit with that so why edit anyone? So I stayed in my end and suddenly lost ALL interest to be bothered about any specific person. Spent time with my family and putting other buns in the oven. Instead of forcing things. She's doing the same thing and I'm thinking "ah I've been there. I've been there. U need to stop and go to the end and be done with all this obsession hahaha.

“.. for how can you want something you already have..” yep yep and yep Egho. You go girl ❤

Must be that someone imagined lovingly for egho2? But yeah, that's the shift, it's not just saying the words but really accepting the truth about oneself, then it just clicks

inge74 haha I imagined lovingly for myself o haha

I think many really forget to do that, and instead imagine desperately, or forcefully, or spitefully or bitterly etc. And with lots of butts?

athena35, all of those “95% of guys aren’t a match” “when I met one I liked I was afraid to go out with him” come from your “I’ll be single forever” state.

Right now, it doesn’t matter if all the guys you meet will be a perfect match for you. You cannot muscle your way into behaving out of state. No one can.

Get in the state!

Are you going deep into SATS before starting your sessions? Are you falling asleep in the state? Your conscious mind has a lot of opinions on the subject. It has to be absent for you to get any progress right now.

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Well summed up.....

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Specific person...did not work to me and it caused a huge disaster. I revised it but I am not a wife for him. No. I don't and won't need him. It was no love. DONE。

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So well stated! Incredible

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Amen...! GOLD ?? Love it!

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Two years I miss how my Ex makes me feel when I'm around him. Nothing can't compare with that. I'm feeling so lost and nobody after him can't do anything to make me truly happy. I am aware that I have to feel and be happy with myself first but I just suffer so much.

He cheated on me and broke my heart that for two years it feels like something died in me. I want him but also I will never forgive what he done to me.

Two years I'm trying to find answer why he done that.

You don’t know that he is THE ONLY ONE who can make you feel that way.


Read the 5 core lectures, if you haven’t yet (the links are in the pinned post).

lyana18 I don't know why I'm thinking about him so much after what he done to me. And for that so long... Also, everything about that cheating,comes from nowhere. When I found out I was shocked. He has been so good,gentle,romantic with good intentions. He often complimented me,buying presents. He showed me his emotions and I never,ever thought that he will cheat and be with other woman. He told me for million times that he will rather broke up then cheat. He also told me that guys who cheat on their womens are awful and he can't stand them.. and then he become one of them. />  I blame him even tho I know that I think it is my fault too because of my freakin insecurities and that I'm not good enough or pretty and sexy enough for him. And thinking what if he leave me for another? Neville said: everyone is you pushed out with your projecting but sometimes confuses me when it comes cheating... I mean,maybe I create that but others have conscious and they do what they want to do,what they choose. He choose to be with someone else behind my back. It's a process. You have someone,you are in relationship,you are conscious about that and then you follow your ego,your desires,you pick another,you want to feel good about yourself... Am I right?</div></body></html>

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I'm sorry to be annoying, but I don't get how Ashlee has taken the time to write this long post, and comments are still making it about a specific person haha. My goodness guys! Pls read again. The girl took her time. It's worth rereading until it sinks. Making It about a specific person just ends up in heartbreak and stress. I've been there. Actually I was there last night cried the entire night to sleep. I've tried to make someone like me back, I've also tried to make someone more funny or more relaxed or whatever I thought they had to be to be my husband or whatever. Stress. Frustration. Imagine the end. Enjoy your end. End of story. Jesus.

" Let him/her come, clothed in all that it takes to be happy in your world"

See that. If it doesn't feel effortless, you're probably trying to make something happen. The state doesn't need your help. Enter your state and enjoy the experience of what you want NOW. Thats your ONLY job. Stop looking for signs. Just continue imagining until it feels natural. That's all. I really needed to see the post. Thank u ashlee7 for noticing this problem and addressing it

Nicely put egho2!

Yep...if you read my story, all you’re waiting for is heartbreak in one way or another, people!

Every thing, every moment is "I" teaching "I". Every word, every thought, every win an indication of a process (state) running either on auto or in consciousness. Your only "job", as far as I can tell, is to notice. Notice nakedly, openly, what are you giving LIFE to. ❤

That is where i now feel the most freedom....trusting that by just living from the state..a way will be found to bring about my desire...be it money...travel...or whatever i desire. When i finally buy the pearl. i completely trust and allow my state to lead. Love you all, and thanks for sharing.

patrick312 nicely put

Thank you Egho...it really is simple when you let it be.?

" If it doesn't feel effortless, you're probably trying to make something happen. " Fucking GOLD right there!

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I'd say....

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  1. Do what Neville says...

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  1. Do what those who have what you want suggest....

And the misunderstood elephant in the room every time this comes up is that, regardless of what Neville said or told others to do, he nonetheless used the law to bring forth his marriage to a specific other person. He was very clear on this. He was married to another when he met the woman who became his second wife, and "the moment I saw her, I knew she was going to be my wife. She didn't know it, but I did." And 13 years later, by his reckoning, he actively applied the law to bring it forth. Given how deliberate he was as a teacher, I don't think he would have mentioned this on numerous occasions if there wasn't something to be learned from it. Right? OK. All well and good. But we are not asked or told to test Neville. We're told to test OURSELVES. And the way to do that is to know we are God, and go deeper, even and ESPECIALLY if it's a desire that everyone around us says is "wrong" or "not what we really want" etc etc. Right?

max207 I like how u mentioned 13 years later hahaha. Most of us asking questions about a specific person also want that person to text us back the next minute after we've done a session haha. Just worth noticing. Imagine your end until it feels natural. End of story

I can't know what was in Neville's mind or heart beyond what he told us. He was legally already married with a son, and it was difficult to get a divorce in New York in the 1930s. He was at that time studying with Abdullah and learning to apply the law. And during those 13 years it's not like he never saw this woman or weren't involved; they made several trips together to Barbados, as a matter of fact, and she met Neville's family there long before they were married. There were probably all sorts of assumptions and reasons why Neville didn't apply the law immediately to bring forth the relationship he desired. But he did eventually. And it doesn't change the truth, which is, to expand on your example, if I desire a relationship with a specific person and then expect an instant text, does that mean that the law doesn't work for relationships with specific people, or does it mean that I'm stuck in a middle and need to dwell in the end? And if I desire a specific person and then that relationship comes forth but it's a nightmare, is it because I didn't "drop the who", or is it because I have certain assumptions and expectations about relationships, romance, sex, love, friendship, partnership, togetherness, commitment, men, women, marriage, dating etc that (a) I gave life to, (b) that came forth with this person, and (c) would have come forth with ANY person I was involved with, and (d) quite possibly, if I pay attention, are now coming forth in other areas and relationships and seeming "others" in my life? I don't think we need to "drop the who." I think we need to drop the belief that we need to drop the who. I say cling to it and go deeper into it and see what comes forth. Because any desire is God's voice calling us deeper. And a desire for a specific person may be exactly what a person needs in order to "get over themselves." The best advice I ever got about this, after repeated exhortations to "drop the who," was when I was invited to discover WHY THIS PERSON? What state do they represent to me that I wish to embody in my life? What do I feel I'm lacking that I imagine THEY will provide? Which, again, brings it back to making it about MY state, my desire, my assumptions, etc etc.

max207 i like the way you write and play. "Dropping the who" is not the false God or saviour..yes true about that. U can drop the who and still manifest a storm. But, I'm really big on making life easy and making this stuff easy aznd less complicated instead of trying to figure out every step of the way. So what I do is:

  1. I ask myself what do i want
  2. Imagine what implies that
  3. The end. I just live in the end and forget about anything else. That seems to be easier. Fast. Stressfree. Always happens like magic haha just my experience anyways.

Yes. And to that I would add... (4) Whatever comes forth is something I gave life to, whether I "wanted" it or not.

egho2 Im going to get those 3 steps tattooed on my body lol. it really is that simple...Thank you for sharing.

I took a desire and applied that...Easy...Fun and just took a few moments...love it

Oh max207! You hit the nail on the head when you said, “WHY THIS PERSON?” I’ve been playing with that since our break-up and woke up this morning and felt compelled to send him an email.

In the email I expressed my gratefulness for reawakening unhindered joy, adventure, risk, and freedom in my life. HE really embodied this, HE represented that, and THAT is why I fell so in love with him. It was all the things I wanted for MYSELF!

Once he unlocked that inside me, our relationship really didn’t need to continue. His part was played perfectly and I am so insanely grateful for the experience.

After sending him the email, I felt a huge release, I had discovered WHY THIS PERSON! So lovely, such a gift!

"reawakening unhindered joy, adventure, risk, and freedom in my life. HE really embodied this, HE represented that, and THAT is why I fell so in love with him. It was all the things I wanted for MYSELF! " Rebecca...wow, thank you for sharing. This opened my eyes to the fact that what i really want, is to live from the state of love and joy...and have that be enough on its own...

patrick312, it’s interesting how we are attracted to certain people who embody these feelings or states. We’re so focused on the tangible, it’s easy to get lost in the HIM or HER. It appears most of us find it easier to focus on the physical (person who expresses our desired state) than to dive deeper and feel the state real for ourselves.

Rebecca, so true. This article and what you and others have shared are opening my eyes in wonderful ways.

The end is and will always b your friend

egho2, I understand that, but I started my affair before I knew anything about Goddard. I came upon him just a few months ago. Had I known about Goddard before I started my relationship, then I would never have focused on the “who.” However, since that wasn’t the case, it’s nice to explore the question, “Why this person?” It certainly gave me a lot of clarity on what I wanted last summer (I really didn’t know, why? I didn’t know how this all worked, knew nothing of Neville). Why it happened to be him and no other is because he represented everything I desired! Once unlocked in me, there was no more need for him.

My heart is still broken, but getting better each day. I miss him a lot, but I have an gained a massive understanding of it all from him.

rebecca88428 your self reflection is good, however Neville or not, we've been doing this all our life. So whether u knew Neville or not, it doesn't matter. Notice what it is exactly u do want, and move to that end. Even heartbreak is a state, I'm speaking from experience, having spent the whole night crying my self to sleep. It's still a state.

Awareness gained through experience and learning new idea's is so powerful in helping us to discover more of who we ☺

max207 - That's it!? "Why this person?" REALLY NAIL THAT and you discover - what is going to make ALL the difference?

egho2, I know this well, my friend!

I did what max207 said. I've asked myself WHY HIM? I've also asked WHY NOT HIM? WHY HIM?: because he's Nigerian, he's funny, and he gets my jokes, he loves dancing like me, and he and I have great rapport. Our convo just moves! WHY NOT HIM?: he's not Nigerian, he has a lot of things he don't like and it feels forced. being around him feels tense. He doesn't like oral sex, doesn't like kissing when I want to which makes me feel like he doesn't like me that much, seems to care about me tho, wants to get married which confuses me but I can't be married to someone that our relationship feels tenseis this not enough? haha

I done the exercise Max..now what? Haha. Anyone would say the reasons I give are pretty shallow and useless but the fact that I feel tense around someone or that person is not as intimate as I'll like, is that not enough to go somewhere else? I don't wanna marry someone and end up crying everyday..Jesus. Thats why I said the end is your friend, because it takes care of all these tiny buts and ifs.

“Do what those who have what you want propose you to do “.... And what’s that Twenty Twenty..... I can’t help but think at some point all these happy married couples here didn’t one day think... “ I think this is the one! “ otherwise they would never propose


Fine I will do the why him why not him LOL! Why Luke? As well as being super handsome and sexy, he seems very romantic, he's open about his feelings, he's honest, he seems kind, he said he not ONLY wanted a relationship but he wanted one with ME and there seems to be some kind of creative or business thing he does that intrigues me. He saw me as gf material. Why NOT Luke? He lives 2 freaking hours away LOL! We didn't manage to coordinate our schedules enough to meet (some of that was me) why not the other guys? F has certain issues that make me not want a relationship with him although I WOULD like to see him again. H always seems to prefer someone else. The 2 plus? guys who want a relationship with me I thought oh maybe but then realised you know I'm not feeling this AT all I'm not feeling enough attraction to even want a DATE with them. The fuckboi guys e.g. V and A? Come on! They just want sex. LOL Luke was a horny one too but he also wanted a relationship and he wanted one with me and he was romantic. So, yeah. I mean I guess I did wonder in the back of my mind is there some nasty catch here I don't know about? He also had his own place and I gotta say that is a bonus definitely. Plus he liked to talk on the phone to me, not just text. But things didn't even get off the ground and he has started "seeing someone" (AGAIN? REALLY? So I have manifested up competition for him TWICE now argh and yet in between there was a time when I was the favourite the one he wanted a relationship with LOL!

And then there is also something I just can't put my finger on. Even BEFORE this whole confession of love thing (LOL!) happened, there's just something about him. It's not just that he's hot cos so are some of those other guys it's something I can't explain!

Wow. Max, Rebecca, Patrick and Twenty. You guys just gave me gold. So so grateful ❤

“Anyone would say the reasons I give are pretty shallow and useless but the fact that I feel tense around someone or that person is not as intimate as I'll like, is that not enough to go somewhere else? I don't wanna marry someone and end up crying everyday..Jesus.”

egho2, are you saying you need to be able to justify why you rejected a guy and your reasons have got to be good?

lyana18 Lol I don't know tbh..he ended it now anyways so no point

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I feel like the repeated advice to "drop the who" can lead, if not careful, to a person not engaging in the kind of inquiry that is so necessary to this practice. Simply unilaterally telling people "no, you don't REALLY want X... you want Y" may or may not prove to be true, but does it encourage a person to go deeper, to question their assumptions and motivations and the things they feel as real and give life? I am convinced that if someone desires a specific person and then brings that relationship forth and then finds heartbreak, it's not because "any time you want a specific other person, it will end in heartache because you are creating a false god and you REALLY desire a state that you feel this person embodies," but, rather, because our assumptions, expectations and attitudes about seeming others and our relationships with them are not always in alignment with our desires. This is true for relationships, money, houses, jobs, health, coworkers, neighbors, friends, lovers, etc. So if the law doesn't seem to bring forth what we desire, whatever or WHOMEVER that desire may be, is it because the law doesn't work for that? That seems to be what we imply repeatedly with this subject. As I posted in a comment yesterday, if I desire something and bring forth something else, it's a sure sign to me that I am assuming to be true or giving life to something else. I have no experience in bringing forth a love relationship, nor do I have experience bringing forth a love relationship with a specific person, so I cannot say with any certainty if it's a certain road to heartache or not. But I do know that through awareness, attention, understanding what I assume to be true about relationships and "seeming others," and how they are a reflection of MYSELF-- God as another showing me what I hold true-- and by actively revising and feeling as real a desired end in regards to seeming others, I have been able to change and improve-- CREATE A DESIRED RELATIONSHIP WITH-- specific other people. Because what I had to change was myself. I am not going to EVER be a person who says "don't desire a relationship with a specific other person." I WILL be a person who says go deeper and look at self. THAT is what I believe is meant when I'm told "it's all about self."

I love your answer

I love your explanation Max Shenk! Thanx!? Since I study Neville in this group, I became more aware of the conceptions of myself and my assumptions and giving meaning to things etc. I noticed more deeper how my inner conversations are creating my world outside... Now since I practice Neville's and twenty46004's teachings I can change things in an instant with no effort at all! Relationships, health, money, things I want, deals I want. Sometimes I get bumped, but I notice this very quick and it's also a relief that I do this all by myself?

I don't know that I'm explaining anything. I'm just stating my approach.

My biggest problem with the repeated (mis)discussion of this topic is that we should not let the nature of a specific desire distract us from the deeper truth, which is that those things that I give life are what come forth in my world, regardless of what my desire is, and if I bring forth something that is contrary to my desired end, it doesn't mean that I "shouldn't" have wanted (or "can't" have) what I said I wanted; it's trying to show me that I'm giving life to something else, and to go deeper.

max207 I know! ? I love your approach.

max207 thank you very much

max207 Thank you Max, so very,very much. What you shared has brought so much clarity for me. I see where I haven't bought the pearl. And as Twenty Twenty said in another post--First buy the pearl--I see that quite clearly now.❤️

All I've got to say is, when andrew457 and I were separated for 2 1/2 years, I made it 'all about him'......until one day I didn't.....and THAT is when everything changed......

And now we're just over 3 years down the track and it gets better by the day......

Oh, by all means, people are free to test it for themselves. Many of us here have done so, have manifested a specific person, myself included. If I hadn't, I wouldn't attempt to shed light on a subject that I have no experience with.

However, it seems to me that there are people here who have continued to make it about someone specific, and continued to experience the same results, or lack thereof.

So the post is merely shedding light on where many go wrong. I've had the same conversation with multiple people this week alone, many getting gold from the things I've pointed out, so rather than repeat myself, I put it in a post.

Now if you notice, I never once said you can't have "him" or "her". That would defy everything Neville teaches. And there's every chance that it very well will be THAT person. But I'm sure you've observed what many who make it all about THAT person experience. Every time he/she doesn't "comply" with the imaginal act, they end up bumped big time.

Now my thing is, and I agree with Neville on this, if the true desire really was wholly and solely said person, then that would imly that if he/she died tomorrow it would still be THAT person or no one. If he/she treated one poorly, it wouldn't matter because it is him/her or no one. And when you really look at in in that context, I don't think many people would still say, that in spite of all that, it would still be THAT person, that he/she is the true end.

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Well said!

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So I have a question ok no specific person I got the memo LOL, can you though weave the FEELINGS you felt into your scene with the relationship that DOESN'T have a specific who? I know it doesn't have to include a scene but I do have a scene it doesn't have a who but when I think of it I don't feel much but when I remember the feelings I felt about him, I have yummy feelings, can I weave those feelings - not the guy! - into that scene? that state?

3 buts.....?

ha ha I tried to remove the buts! Argh you're RIGHT WOAH!! CRAP! I was like no Yasemin Maxwell there are NO buts, read back and OMG you're RIGHT! ?

CAN I though?

(and darn this butting state LOL!)

That makes my head hurt Athena....

Here's my counter question....

Notice your DESIRE.... Now, SURRENDER to, "What would imply it's already true?"? DONE.....


this comment is so complex and complicated I forgot my name for a minute after I was thru with it. Why are your comments so long and complicated? its not so much even about the length of the comment but you going back and forth, they seem to be up all in the head.

Side note: Want to drive A MAN NUTS?? Stay up in your head.... Want to become a MAN MAGNET.... discover SIMPLY YOU.... (I wonder how to do that?) (Hint: Surrender to your desires....)

I think this right here might be the thing that bothers me most about the repeated parsing of this topic: "Can I" or "should I"? WHY ARE YOU ASKING PERMISSION OR IF SOMETHING IS POSSIBLE If you are God, all things are possible, and you don't need anyone's permission

gautham9154 yes I think that's true very head-y

You repeatedly confirm that, but you keep doing it. STOP!!!

You are repeatedly indulging your rational mind. I've been there and done that. It leads nowhere. With this law, as Neville said, "we are not speaking of anything rational in this world." Or, as A. Ramana said, "the rational mind is a terrific tool but a terrible taskmaster." Thought has its place, but don't let it run the show. Decide what you want, find how it would feel, assume that feeling and use your rational mind as a tool to OBSERVE when you've slipped.

WHATEVER IT IS that you desire. There is no subclause or exception for relationships, and another for money, and one for money from a job and another for lottery wins, and one for "whoever comes along" and another for a "specific other." All of it works the same. I decide what (or who) I want, and I assume the feeling that it's done. If I get something other than what I profess to desire, then it's not that it "didn't work" or "shouldn't be used that way"... it's not a failing or stipulation of the law ("well, it obviously doesn't work or shouldn't be used to try to win the lottery," "well, it obviously doesn't work or shouldn't be used to attract a specific person"); it's because I gave life to something other than what I professed to desire. One of the first things I read about this law, years before I discovered Neville, is so true: "The law works absolutely. If you believe it doesn't work, it still works. It just works according to your belief that it doesn't work." ~ Ernest Holmes

This might be off topic but I noticed that if this "man" was a girl friend, u wouldn't over think anything. U would just get to know each other, be friends, chill, and if anything came up, it did..if it didn't, it didn't. No pressure. No forcing anything. But once the person has a dick we go CRAZY! Have u tried just being friends..Just friends. And leaving room for whatever..without trying to know everything at once. Tried that. No pressure.. freedom. And we talk more now Becuae no expectations between us.. No trying to make anyone Mr or Mrs right. Just two silly pple being friends. And irs in those moments that maybe something might come up or NOT and that's okay Jesus. Afterall if u really beleive in in your creative act, then what will happen will happen anyways..my goodness. Plus u wanna date your best friend anyways not some random. Just a thought anyways

And please I didn't say be friends just so u can be something else.. Enjoy friendships. Make new ones. Grow old ones. Enjoy life. The state will do it's job anyways. No need to define everything. That's all I'm saying. No pressure.

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